BeautyUK & Barry M @ Superdrug’s Beauty Bus

I’m not sure whether you guys have heard that there’s a Superdrug Beauty Bus going up and down the country from city to city. In this bus, you can have your nails done using Barry M or BeautyUK products and you can have your makeup done using BeautyUK products! BOTH FOR FREE!

Yesterday the Bus hit Manchester City Centre so I went out there to see what’s what and to potentially get my nails done and try some of the few BeautyUK products that I hadn’t tried yet! BeautyUK has recently released a huge amount of great new products that I had heard others rave about, but having been in Germany, I hadn’t had access to them.

The Bus was a bright pink double decker bus and in the ground floor section you could sign up for Superdrug‘s Beauty Card whereas upstairs you had a chance to roam through a big collection of nail polishes from Barry M and BeautyUK with all sorts of different finishes (crackle/shatter, matte, gloss) and in the further back you had the lovely Rae – BeautyUK‘s official Makeup Artists and Product Developer – do your makeup.

This is what I ended up looking:

Rae used one of BeautyUK‘s foundations on me in Shade 1 or 2 (I can’t remember) because I hadn’t tried them yet. I really liked the matte finish it gave. Obviously I wasn’t looking into the mirror, so I don’t know how well it applied. She then used a blush on my cheeks and then went to town with my eyes.

Rae and I chose the 2nd Palette of their Eyeshadow and Eye Liner Collection. Again, unfortunately, I had my eyes closed so I couldn’t tell you which colors she used (and tut tut to me, I forgot to ask too!).

To finish off the look she used one of BeautyUK‘s amazingly pigmented lip sticks (only visible in the first picture) in Snob.

Barry M: Lemon Ice Cream, Mint Green, Bright Pink, Berry Ice Cream,Peach Melba plus BeautyUK Matte Coat

Apparently everyone who came after my colorful manicure wanted the same thing, so I guess I started a trend there (lol not really since I had seen this rainbow look on the bloggersphere), so I refused the credit.

There were also some little girls who wanted to get their nails painted so I showed them the amazing crackle/shatter/effect polishes because they are JUST SO COOL and it kept them busy and amazed watching the polish break up while their mum was busy getting her makeup done.

Don’t I look happy with my new nails and make up?

My thoughts
I really enjoyed my time in the Beauty Bus! I think this is a fantastic means to bring products to the people because anyone could come in and get their makeup or nails done.
It was so much fun and fabulous to meet the girl – Rae- who is behind bringing us the amazing products that BeautyUK products are. She shared some ideas for future product developments (nothing I can share) but I can tell you they’ve got some awesome stuff for us in store!!

You still have a chance to go!


Have you been on Superdrug’s Beauty Bus with BeautyUK and Barry M?


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13 Comments on “BeautyUK & Barry M @ Superdrug’s Beauty Bus

  1. notamakeupsnob

    You look absolutely stunning, hon! Unfortunately the bus isn’t going to be anywhere near me (boo) but I’d definitely check it out if it was :)

  2. notamakeupsnob

    You look absolutely stunning, hon! Unfortunately the bus isn't going to be anywhere near me (boo) but I'd definitely check it out if it was :)


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