Beauty Routine Shortcuts

I don’t know about you but I can take forever to get ready in the morning (I reach for foundation & concealer, powder, setting spray, blusher, highlighter, lid primer, mascara, eye liner, eyebrow liner and another round of setting spray – and that’s just my face!), but once I have a job I’ll have to commute 30min into London plus however long the tube will take to get me to work. So I’ll have to be quick in the morning and get my routine streamlined and down to a T.

Here’s what I will do and I thought I could share it with you :)

Quick hair care & style
Rather than spending time washing and blow drying your hair each morning, only wash your hair every other day (that’s also better for the state of your hair!) and do so at night, so that when it dries you will wake up with a nice tousled effect (especially if you braid it before it’s dry). Tidy up any kinks or stray hairs by wetting them and giving them a quick blow dry. And then of course there’s all the heaven-sent dry shampoo solutions – I couldn’t live without mine, that’s for sure.
I also once tried a better hair cut – I had my hair cut into a short bob, but my hair being MY hair (aka stubborn as the rest of me!) it didn’t work for me – but it might be worth a try for you?

Get organised
Rather than spending a lot of time searching for that lipstick you want to go with the look you’ve just created in the pile of other lipsticks, organise them and once you’ve used them put them back exactly where they were before! Or, before you do your look, think about exactly what products you want and get them out and ready to be used :)

I use cardboard boxes that come with shoe and beauty orders rather than buying organizers. There’s a lot of DIY posts around on how to organise your makeup and stuff, so make sure to google those!

Also, plan your outfit the night before including accessories and jewellery! That REALLY works for me.

Simplified makeup
I’ve been very lazy in the last few months when it comes to my makeup routine, but that was because I was either unemployed or working with kids where it really didn’t matter what I looked like. So rather than using foundation which has to be worked into the skin to make sure it’s evenly spread and non-streaky, I’d find myself reach for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer and occasionally a concealer. And rather than mascara + eyeliner, I’d just use mascara. And cheek & lip tints are brilliant solutions to make it quick and easy to ready you for the day.

Also, since I started skipping all sorts of facial skincare products, my skin has gotten a lot better – so yay to my laziness ;)

Permanent solutions
There’s a few things I ALWAYS do as part of my routine – such as drawing/filling in my brows because the outer halves are just very scarce. And of course all of us ladies have to shave/wax regularly. So it sort of makes sense to think about a more permanent solution, right? I’m not talking about invasive things like as getting lip filler, but a lot less invasive procedures such as the laser hair removal offered at Transform. Yeah it’s expensive, but maybe it’s worth a try? 

What are your beauty routine shortcuts? What’s the products and things that you definitely can’t live without? Have you ever considered resorting to a permanent solution? Let me know below!!

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