AW2011: Primark

Primark (= Penneys in ROI) is the UK’s cheapest clothing chain (probably even Europe’s?) and is launching a few new items for this year’s Autumn/Winter season.

Coloured tights and bright colour combinations are continuing to be a trend for Primark AW2011

My thoughts
If you know me well, you know I love a good bargain. Hence Primark being my Mecca. It honestly is. Yes, there are those allegations of child labour, but I honestly don’t know much about that, and maybe because they don’t buy the highest quality fabrics, that’s really the reason for it being so cheap?
Either way, I don’t own any clothes that I bought more than a year ago, so I don’t really care if the products fall apart after a few months. It’s just not something that bothers me. But obviously, I can totally understand if it bothers people. I don’t expect much from Primark products when the prices are so low.

I LOVE this collection! I love it all! I love that it’s consisting of mostly bright colours! I always think those dark collections that come out for Autumn/Winter most of the time just make that season even more depressing! Why wear dark and muddy colours when everyone is already suffering from sun & brightness withdrawal?! So these items are right up might street. And have you seen those purple killer heels on the picture above? ZOMG! Gotta have them!!

What do you prefer: bright or dark colours for Autumn/Winter? Do you like Primark’s new collection?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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9 Comments on “AW2011: Primark

  1. notamakeupsnob

    OMG! What a beautiful collection! I absolutely love A/W fashion and this collection does not disappoint! 


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