AW 2011: Boohoo Collections

Boohoo showcased their upcoming collections for this Autumn/Winter 2011 Season this week which you might’ve heard about through Twitter (I haven’t seen any blogposts about them!)

It consists of 6 sub-collections called Vintage Emporium, Luxe Grunge, Cut Walk, 70′s Country Girl and 60s Pop.

the Vintage Emporium collection is like taking items from the 40s (and 80s) and giving tem a little modern twist
my Vintage Emporium Faves: #1 for £30, #2 for £20, #3 for £20
Luxe Grunge – think patterned tights, leather, a lot of black & grey, oversized meeting skin tight and massive platforms
my Luxe Grunge Favs: #1 for £25, #2 for £25, #3 for £20
the Cut Work collection is all about stark contrasts, cut-outs (duh!) and clean, straight lines
my Cut Work Faves: #1 for £20, #2 for £20, #3 for £20
the collection “70′s Country Girl” means floral prints, light flowing fabrics, bows and earth tones
my 70′s Country Girl Faves: #1 for £25, #2 for £16, #3 for £25
the 60s Pop collection covers mini skirts, dresses and pants and block poppy colours
my 60s Pop Faves: #1 for £15, #2 for £18, #3 for £45, #4 for £25

My thoughts
These collections are sort of hit and miss. Thinking that it’s all for Autumn/Winter 2011 I don’t see enough warm coats and knitwear there for some reason. However I do love the Vintage Emporium, the 70′s Country Girl and the 60s Pop collections. They are right up my street. For Luxe Grunge and Cut Work, I was struggling to even find more than 2 pieces I liked. For me the absolute must-haves I will buy are #3 from 60s Pop, #1 from 70′s Country Girl, #1 & #2 from Cut Work and #3 from Vintage Emporium.

What do you think of these collections? What are your favorites and must-buys?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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