Wishlist Summer / Holiday Wardrobe

wishlist summer wardrobe

Although my birthday was only last week and I got one of the items I really really wanted (thank you Lodz for my Wacom tablet!!), I keep wanting more and more things (a girl can’t ever want and have too many things, right?) and browsing the new collections from retailers like Lipsy really doesn’t help, especially their playsuit range!

It’s not really the weather (yet?!) to think about getting my legs out really (not that I have nice legs to get out anyways!) but I just love playsuits – as impractical as they sometimes are (ever desperately needed the toilet and had to practically strip down to your underwear?? LOL!) but Lodz actually mentioned that we might be going on holiday what with being due some epic tax rebates!

So I’m packing my bags and I’m taking….

1. Casual Jeans - Whether you buy Levi’s jeans from Very or jeans from Primark, I think basic jeans are a staple all year round. After sun set, the night gets so much cooler so quickly, so it’s nice to have this pair on to keep warm. Could be paired with heels or flats or whatever really. Hence being a staple ;)

2. Oversized, Loose-Knit Jumer - If Lodz & I do go on hols, I will get bored after about 2 hours by the pool – I like exploring the places I go to (I rarely get to go anywhere so when I do, I wanna see as much as possible) so it definitely needs to be something comportable. Maybe over just a plain white vest top and those casual jeans? Flip flops. BOOM. Sorted for the day. Oh yeah, and not to forget the big-brim straw hat!

3. Ombre Skirt - I already raved about this skirt from Lavish Alice before my birthday – I still want it and I WILL have it eventually. I don’t know why THIS skirt, because ultimately it’s pretty simple but maybe that’s why? I just love it and I gotta have it!!

4. & 5. Elegant Playsuits (1+2) - I fell in love with this idea of an elegant playsuits thanks to Emily, who actually modeled the two-tone playsuit from Lipsy on her blog, and Natasha. They both look gorgeous in them, because of their beautiful figures and legs. Maybe this is the magic item that will transform me into a tall, skinny beauty?

6. Neon Platform Boots - I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want platfiorm boots. I always loved them even in the 90s when all my friends laughed at me (and now those shoes are in – IN YOUR FACE! lol). I have so many versions of these, but not many colourful ones, because most of those shoes always came in stupid suede-type fabric. NOT ANYMORE!!

7. Leather Clutch - I have sooo many bags, really, but I can’t stop buying bags – especially clutch bags, though I never really have any occasions to use them! Rubbish! So if Lodz & I are going on hols, I definitely need a proper clutch bag for a good night boogie!

8. Yellow Heels - This colour is by far one of my most favourites. It just doesn’t suit me very well. But who cares, right? I wear, what I wanna wear. These would be worn until they would fall apart!

What would you pack into your summer wardrobe / holiday travel suitcase?


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