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I’M GOING TO THE COTE D’AZUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAH it’s my first holiday in over 9 years, I shit you not!!!!!

Up until now I’ve spent every holiday either with my family or broke at home and/or revising, so I’m having a massive holiday! My friend Dany, who I hadn’t seen in literally 9 years – she was one of the last people I saw before moving to the UK – and who came over to the UK last weekend to see Muse at the Etihad Stadium, and I are planning to go to Nice and Turin – to see MUSE!

Yes call us crazy, but we don’t care haha! After seeing Muse live from front row last weekend, I’ve rediscovered my absolute love for them. I saw them in 2003 for the first time in Hamburg and again in 2009 at Wembley, but that didn’t blow me away as much as last weekend’s gig.

Everything just came together perfectly – having Dany there, perfectly rare sunny weather and FRONT ROW at exactly the spot we wanted so desperately.

So now that I’m getting some money my way, we’re planning a trip to the Nice on Cote d’Azur and Turin in Italy to see them again once, twice or maybe even three times. Like I said, crazy, but WHATEVS!

So we’re going to Nice, France on the 25th June, staying there till the 27th and then on to Turin, Italy until 30th June. Or so is the plan. I’m really incredibly excited because I haven’t done a proper roadtrip since end of 2006 which took me through Ireland and I love Muse and also FREAKING COTE D’AZUR!! I’ve never been to a gig in another country where I don’t understand the instructions of the security marshals haha this time I can really pretend I don’t understand a word while I’m legging it to the barrier haha!

Besides a tan I obviously have to sort out my beach body and holiday wardrobe, so I’m packing my bags and I’m taking…

The red daisies dress from Ever Ours, ’cause I saw it on Becky and it looked so cute on her, that black & white combo with the Glamorous body and that Fashion Union blazer & dungarees, which I never thought I would ever consider buying and wearing. But who cares when you’re in a country where you don’t understand the language in which people could bitch about you, right? HAHA

Of course some beach wear can’t miss so I’m getting that cute zigzag bikini top and bottom from South Beach Swim, who by the way invited me to an amazing event at the Frurt place to show off their collection (FROYO FTW!), though I’m not impressed that they dont sell this as a set :( And though I hate wearing skirts, the plain-ish cami top from TopShop should really go with that cute ombre skirt from Lavish Alice (yes I still love dip-dye haha).

And how freaking perfect is that clear Topshop raincoat??? I’m freaking praying it won’t rain when we’re down there (it’d be bloody typical that’s for sure!) but this would sort me right out. I’ve been looking for a clear rain mac but no luck so far, so I’m having this instead!

And before this trip is happening I’m going to see Mark Owen in Birmingham with another really close friend from Germany who I’ve not seen in 3 years or whatever either and my mum is coming over for a few days to see Robbie Williams at the Etihad with me! And then in mid July Lodz & I (and my best mate from Paris and my “sister”) are flying to Berlin for a week too (again to see Muse haha) And we might fly to Amsterdam at the end of July too haha.




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