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Have you noticed how it’s getting warmer? I am SO EXCITED! It makes me giddy to think about spring finally coming and not having to wear these shitty warm, layered clothes (I’m really not very good at layering at all which is why I haven’t done many outfit posts recently!)

But what I’m most excited about what with the weather getting warmer – are the SS13 trends that we’ll very soon see everyone wearing!

One of my favourite SS13 trends is the Graphics Print one, that’s very clearly inspired by the gorgeous geometric prints from the 60s and 70s. But I find really well designed retro prints clothes really hard to find and then they are really expensive. I mean Orla Kiely‘s stuff is absolutely gorgeous, but I just can’t afford those what with currently working full-time but unpaid, so all my bank accounts are like totally maxed out :-( No shopping for me in a long while!!

But the dress above on the left (the right is from Orla Kiely) is only £25 (!!!) from Cherry Cherry, which is a new online retailer that a lovely blogger mentioned to me at the North Meetup that was so very amazingly organised by Em from EmTalks (she’s such a babe, PLEASE check out her blog!!).

I love these prints, but even I get worried about what prints I should and shouldn’t be wearing. Like some prints seem to be really unsuitable for some body shapes, which is really annoying!! But then again that’s the same for any clothes really isn’t it (by the way if you’re a short-arse like me, maybe check out my shopping tip for shorties!).

OH God I have to start thinking about dresses now (life’s so hard LOL) as well as Lodz is taking me to his company’s May Ball. I don’t have any proper evening dresses but I want a real good one so I can proper impress Lodz’s colleagues haha.

What SS13 trend are you looking forward to seeing on the streets the most?


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