Outfit: Walking On Air

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Jacket & Top (underneath): H&M / Blouse: Dahlia (*) / Hat: New Look / Bag: Next / Shoes: Nelly / Skirt & Tights: Primark

When Lodz and I stepped out to take these pictures we literally at the same time shouted ‘holy shit, it’s cold!’ and it has gotten incredibly cold, hasn’t it? But who can complain about the cold when other people, like the Americans, are suffering from way worse weather than we are?!

So I started my internship yesterday – by the way, thank you all for your well wishes! – and I thought it went really well! The girls in the team are incredibly nice, and they work with some interesting clients, so there’s a lot to learn.
But with doing this internship I’m also thinking that I might be ending up cutting down on blogging. Rather than writing this post last night, I’m writing it on the train to London! Not bad for using dead time efficiently, eh? ;)

Anyways, I love this outfit. I had never heard of Dahlia before (probably because I don’t shop at Topshop!) but when I saw that beautiful burgundy blouse in the store, with all its cute skulls for buttons, I couldn’t resist! Matched with the pleather skirt I got from Primark for the Look Scary event, I thought it worked?

Actually, I pretty much wore this exact outfit to the Clothing at Tesco and the Wallis AW12 events I went to with Amy, Becky and Sarah last Thursday (got plenty to blog about still!) and I got loads of compliments. Can’t be a bad sign, right?

However, what with the blouse being sheer, if you wanna keep warm, probably best to go for a short fur coat rather than that lacey blazer I chose! SOOOOO COLD!
But still one of my favourite outfit combos. Just way too cold to actually spend time to get some nicer pictures! Sorry!!

Sheer blouses on cold days – yes or no?


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6 Comments on “Outfit: Walking On Air

  1. Sophie

    Love this outfit! It doesn't look quite enough to keep out the cold we've been having recently though; saying that, I'm on my lunch break and just bought a new sheer shirt! Planning to layer it up lots :) Hope the internships going well! I'm in my 4th month of unpaid in London, boo :( I've just started a new blog if you have time for a quick look :)http://fashionsings.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      haha yeah sheer blouses are soo gorgeous but incredibly impractical for this season now hahagood luck with your internship! 4 months is crazy! couldn't afford that at all! Fingers crossed it'll all be worth it in the end♥


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