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Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (11)Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (18)Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (08)Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (20)Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (07)

Coat: Amisu / Blazer: H&M / Jeans: New Look / Tee: Fox & Feather * / Bag: Zara / Shoes: Primark / Bracelet: Forever 21

I’ve always admired the baggy-jeans-high-heels look, and I finally found a nice pair of boyfriend jeans so that I can (attempt to) pull that look off myself. So say hello for my ripped boyfriend jeans!

Turns out though, that the original size was wrong (no thanks to the sales assistant). Apparently, I should’ve gotten the size that I always get, but I was recommended to get a bigger size for the jeans to actually be baggy. Ah well.

What do you think? Yay or nay to the baggy-jeans-and-high-heels look?

deutsche Übersetzung

Mir gefiel schon immer dieser Look mit weiten, hochgekrempelten Hosen mit Absatzschuhen, und jetzt hab ich endlich ein schönes Paar Jeans gefunden, so dass ich zumindest versuchen kann, diesen Look nachzumachen. Hallo neue Lieblingsjeans!!

Schön, dass mir die total nutzlose Verkäuferin zuerst die falsche, zu große Größe angedreht hat!

Was meint ihr? Ja oder nein zu diesem Look?


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6 Comments on “Outfit • Mouse In A Teacup // Maus in einer Teetasse

  1. Amy Keeling

    I’ve seen jeans like this making a come back recently, I might be daring and risk them as I’m rather used to wear skinny jeans all the time :P

    You look lovely and I like your hair braided :)

    Amy xx

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      Thank you so much Amy! Yeah this look has been everywhere and I just wasn’t sure it would suit me, because baggy jeans make my short legs appear even shorter, but I think the right angle of the camera worked haha :)

      1. Amy

        I have short legs which are like tree trunks, despite being petite on top haha so I try to avoid most fits other than skinny xx


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