Outfit: I Look Around At A Beautiful Life

Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (4)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (6)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (1)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (2)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (3)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (5)Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (7)
Coat, Necklaces & Hat: New Look / Bag: Zara / Top: Vero Moda / Shoes & Jeans: Internacionale / Jumper: Internacionale (*)

Do you ever go through phases where you can’t stop listening to 1-2 specific bands? Ever noticed how that sometimes coincides with the seasonal changes? In the spring/summer I want to hear happy songs, but in the autumn/winter, I wanna listen to depressing music. Like, there was a time a few months back I couldn’t stop listening to Foo Fighters, or more recently Muse, but right now I can’t stop going through Stereophonic’s songs and I keep coming back to one particular song: Maybe Tomorrow.

This song has the talent of making me feel down but also really hopeful and happy at the same time. I feel this way anyways but this song just takes these feelings and magnifies them. It gets under my skin in an amazing way. I could listen to that song all day.

I guess I’m feeling that seasonal blues! Hence this casual outfit. I think you’ll find me in this kind of casual outfit a lot of times from now on, because it’s just a lot warmer haha!

I gotta say I looove that jumper by Internacionale ‘cause it’s so cosy!! Actually, I love most things by Internacionale for their affordability, which is probably why I without noticing wore 3 of their pieces in one go haha!

Have you tried the pieces by Internacionale?
How are you going to keep warm this A/W?


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18 Comments on “Outfit: I Look Around At A Beautiful Life

  1. onetenzeroseven

    Wow, I had forgotten Internacionale existed! Though the prices seem to have gone up a hell of a lot since I was last in one of their shops!You look super cosy!Sophiehttp://onetenzeroseven.com/blog

  2. Miss drifted Snow Wh

    I don't really like the normal creepers, I dont generally like flats, cuz my legs aren't very skinny or straight, they're very curvy and I find flats just make it obvious so I was sooo glad when I saw Internacionale doing wedge creepers! They were less than £30 too!!♥

  3. onetenzeroseven

    Yeah, I remember most things in their shop in Leeds were under £10. I can't say I thought much to the quality back then! I'll have to check them out again, see what's changed :)Sophie


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