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Skirt: Primark / Jacket: Fashion Union (*) / Shoes: Fashion Union (*) / Tights: Primark / Jumper: Chicnova (*) / Scarf: Bershka (*) / Necklace: Wons Upon A Time (*) / Blouse (underneath): Glamorous (*)

Each scar I bear sings … of monuments to where I’ve been and melodies to where I am going.

I absolutely love Incubus. Their music has made a massive difference in my life when I was having to pull myself out of a very deep depression when I hit rock bottom like I had never done before. This was way before my eating disorders.

The lyrics by Incubus’s songs gave me the strength to go cold turkey with the things that I was punishing myself with, and to stop being embarrassed for being different and for not fitting in (even when that made me even lonelier). It gave me strength to stop fighting for friends that didn’t want to be fought for. It gave me strength to rid myself from people that made me feel miserable about who I am. It gave me strength to accept that I will always not quite fit in and that I should be proud of being different rather than being like everyone else. As silly as it sounds, without Incubus I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Still amazes me – the power music can have.

Do you have a band or artist in your life
that has changed you for the better?
That helped you through a rough time in your life?

Current Song: Incubus – Monuments & Melodies


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