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Disco Pants: Glamorous (*) / Jumper: Primark (old) / Bag: Next / Earrings: Forever 21 / Shoes: Fashion Union (*) / Jacket: She Inside (*) / Belt: New Look

Knock-Off Disco Pants. It took me so long to get into them – I absolutely loved how skinny they made other people look, but being so incredibly conscious about my more than stubby and curvaceous legs I took a few months to buy them and then another few weeks to actually dare show myself in them.

But since then I never looked back. They are super comfortable and flattering. But with the hefty price tag for the originals from American Apparel which is due to the ethical production of the items, I couldn’t splash out another £70, so when other companies like Glamorous started doing knock-offs, I was over the moon. Being half of the price of the originals however I didn’t expect much.

But OMG was I wrong!! When I got the wine red disco pants from Glamorous and tried them off I was blown away. Not only are they as good as the American Apparel ones, but BETTER! Seriously, honestly sooooo much better.

With these kind of pants, comfort is the key. And these ones are so much more comfortable – the fabric is thinner than those by AA, but it actually makes it easier to fit into them, they don’t cut into the waist too much, they are easier to roll up. And the fit is better too – a Size 8 is really a Size 8 (at least for me!).

For the price of £30 you really can’t go wrong if you’ve ever been tempted to try disco pants but were put off by the extreme price of the AAs. Glamorous currently do them in wine red, purple, khaki, navy, pewter grey/silver, charcoal, black and gold.

Have you tried the knock-off disco pants?
Which ones do you prefer?

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