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Coat: H&M | Sunnies: H&M | Skirt: Fashion Union * | Blouse: Glamorous * | Shoes: New Look | Earrings: Six

Tartan Love

I was really skeptical when I heard and saw the tartan thing coming back this AW season. But then this entire year has been a bit of a fashion struggle for me what with it being like 90s revival. I am a 90s child, as in, I was like 6-16 during the 90s. I remember wearing so many things that became ‘retro’ this years, it made me feel so old!

But then I saw more and more ‘spins’ on the tartan pattern around, less traditional colours than the classic Scottish kilt type one. Like the one on the skirt from Fashion Union! I like that it’s a bit more of a muted colour scheme, a bit less traditional and 90s-like.

Do you Tartan?

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