Outfit: Cobalt Blue & White

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Jeans: New Look (kids section) / Jumper: Vintage / Bracelet: H&M / Earrings: Forever 21 Blazer: Blonde & Blonde (*, via BANK) / Bag & Shoes: Primark / Necklace: New Look

Girls, you know when you wear high heels you sometimes get this rush of feeling really sexy because you feel like you have mile-long legs? I had that the other day when I first wore a cute pair of light pink satin heels that my friend Lina had given me. I felt super sexy (and also really wobbly because I hadn’t worn those kind of heels in forever) what with my long looking legs and them appearing skinnier and all that…

Until I saw the outfit pictures that Lodz took for me.

Do you have that sometimes? Where you feel and think you look absolutely sexy and stunning and then you check yourself in the mirror or you see yourself in a picture and you think “OMG!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!

Yup, that was me then.

Good thing I only saw the pictures the day AFTER I wore this outfit, as I was way too busy being excited about seeing my friend Emily from uni who I hadn’t seen in almost 3 years!


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