Outfit • Black x Blue Rock Chick Glam

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Dress: Amisu @ New Yorker — Skorts: Primark — Shoes: Ever Ours — Bowler Hat: H&M — Bag: Clutchy Boutique

I’ve had this dress since before moving to the UK 9 years ago and yet I have *never* worn this! I don’t know why, because it looks awesome I think! It’s from a New Look like fashion retailer called New Yorker (which is still shit and doesn’t do online retail, stupid Germany being so backwards!!), the dress itself is by a brand called Amisu. The waistband is actually not a waist band – it’s meant to it on the hips, from what I can tell. Maybe that’s why I never wore it, because it would look stupid that way haha. Plus it would be way too long for my shortarsedness.

But I pulled up the waistband to the middle of my waist and like magic, voila, the dress actually worked and I think it’s really pretty how it sits off shoulder. Makes me feel all sexy LOL. I’m actually wearing skorts underneath that dress as well, because, well I’d rather not flash people, you know I’m considerate like that ;)

The bag is a beautiful vintage (or vintage-looking?) clutch bag that the lovely Kelly from Clutchy Boutique sent me. I knew exactly that I would either style it with my royal blue bowler hat or with my royal blue blazer — it’s just perfect that way, don’t you think? I love clutch bags, despite their eternal impracticalities, and this one is no different. I mean, my phone doesn’t even fit into it. BUT IT’S SO PRETTY!!!

What are you thoughts on this dress? Should I keep it?


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16 Comments on “Outfit • Black x Blue Rock Chick Glam

  1. Shifa

    OMG! you kept it for nine years?! anyway the idea clicked and you found the ultimate solution to make such a beautiful dress fit to your shape.


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