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Tomorrow is the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards that I was insanely lucky to be nominated and then shortlisted for, and I’m soooo excited! But I’m even more ….. ill. Right now I’m in bed with a bowl of fresh strawberries and fat free yogurt after the boy fed me two bowls of my favourite food (chicken chorizo pesto pasta). All I can smell is Vicks right now (and that says something because I’ve not been able to sleep the last 2 nights from not being able to breath properly thanks to a blocked nose).

I’m so excited for the Awards because I’ve never been shortlisted for anything this big for my blog, but all I can think right now is that I wanna stay at home and not travel 4.5hours on the coach half-dying on the trip. The lovely Julia from Stylonylon, who I’ve just finished a redesign for (check it out!!), is kind enough to put me up, but I’m really worried that I’ll give my cold to her and her little boy.

But what can I do, I know I’d hate myself for not going – some of my favourite bloggers are going to be there, so I really can’t give this a miss!

Wish me luck!!

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Top (actually a dress): Mee Mee * // Shoes: Missguided // Skirt: Boohoo * // Jacket: New Look (similar here) // Sunnies: Michael Kors *


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16 Comments on “Outfit • A Hint of Mint

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      I still hate my legs sooo much but you know what I’m like, I take issues head on true to my stubborn self hahah :) thank you so much babe, i should get to LDN for half 1 if you wanna go for late lunch? would be loooovely to see you xxx

  1. Emma Lyskava

    Congrats on getting shortlisted :) Just dose yourself up on Lemsip and Vicks and you’ll get through it. You’d kick yourself for not going otherwise. Sounds like an amazing night. Enjoy!


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