Outfit • London Fashion Week AW13 #1

Outfit London Fashion Week AW13 #1 (01) Outfit London Fashion Week AW13 #1 (02) Outfit London Fashion Week AW13 #1 (03) Outfit London Fashion Week AW13 #1 (04)

Blazer: Forever 21 / Skirt: Select * / Blouse: Ahai * / Trainers: So You Shoes *
Bag: New Look * / Sunglasses: Michael Kors *

This is what I wore on Friday, the first day of London Fashion Week AW13. It was so a mad, wicked day even though I didn’t want to go at first and despite the fact that I missed the two shows that I was lucky enough to be invited to. It was only my 2nd season at LFW but it was pretty cool. Of course in comparison to some really epically crazy outfits, I didn’t stand out at all, but what the heck, I know that I’m not the most experimental or model-looking person around, so I didn’t expect much attention in the first place anyways.

But I did want to throw together some bright colours, hence the neon yellow skirt and the royal blue blazer. Some time ago, I styled the neon yellow skirt elegantly, but this time I was feeling more sporty/casual, hence the brown/red wedge trainers. Speaking of wedge trainers – this is only my second pair and it’s taken me a LONG while to get into wedge trainers, but BOY HAVE I MISSED OUT!

My highlight on Friday was the New Look Fashion Week Refuel Room that was sponsored by The Muse TV, where everyone could relax, get their makeup, hair, nails or eyebrows done, a back massage and lots of healthy (and unhealthy) food & drinks. They premiered their “It’s a Blogger’s Life” movie that features the stunning Heather from Effie’s Makeup Box.

So yeah, that’s what I wore on Friday. There’s another outfit post coming tomorrow about the 2nd day of LFW.

Also, thanks Leanne for putting me up and putting up with me ;)

Did you lovelies go to LFW? What would you wear?


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  2. Christiana

    197Heard you that way from the get-go Chris. Glad to have a DTS on the blog. Have you read Fr. Peter Gius1iqt&#82l7;s book (he was at DTS) about the 2,000 fromer Campus Crusaders who converted to Orthodoxy (Antiochian) in 1987/8? It’s titled _Becoming Orthodox_ and an interesting read for an evangelical, though certainly not intended to answer all questions.


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