OOTD: Possibly stuck in ze Fatherland?

Hello dollies! As you liked my last OOTD post the other day, I thought I could post again what I’m wearing.

I’m about to go into town to get my passport renewed. Last time I was there, they tried to talk me into getting the 10-year valid one, which normally costs 56€. But oh no, I couldn’t have that one, I would need the express version for 100€. “Pfff”, I said; I wanted the cheapest one for 26€. Yes it’s a temporary one that is only valid for 1 year, but I ain’t getting no passport done for 100€ that lasts me 10 years, when within (hopefully) the next 5 years I’ll gain a nationality and a husband! But I bet you, they’ll offer me that same deal.

Annnyways, besides the stupid German system that makes me be registered in Germany to get student funding despite the fact the government knows I study in the UK full-time and them wanting crap-loads of €€ for a passport I neither want nor need…

Top: New Look
Belt: N/A
Shorts: Matalan
Tights: Primark
Bikini Top: Primark

So wish me luck!!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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