OOTD: Orange County

orange county - ootd w picker5IMG_6103_edited

Blouse: Primark
Tee: Missguided
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: New Look
Shoes: my mum

For those who’ve been reading my recent posts, you might’ve picked up on the fact that I finally got to go home to Germany to see my family for a week about a week ago, which was super exciting! I felt guilty for missing one week of lectures (seeing that I’m in my final year I shouldn’t really allow myself to miss any lectures!), I made myself feel better by taking outfit pics with my mum.

But because it was so freakishly windy and cold outside I couldn’t last very long with posing and all that, so we moved inside and I posed in front of the radiator in the living room, which is why I had to blur the background so much!! SOWWEE!!


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