OOTD: Disco Inferno

OOTD Disco Inferno wo Colors
Lookbook // Chictopia

Shoes: Daisy Street Shoes
Pants: American Apparel
Blouse: Primark

I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought American Apparel‘s Disco Pants. *Exhale*

I might have to explain that I absolutely hate my legs. They are too short (as long as my upper body, when they should be longer than my upper body according to The Vitruvian Man by DaVinci) and because they are so short they also look bigger than they would look if they were 1-2inches longer. I hate my legs so much, because whatever I buy for my lower body, I have to cut about 2inches of fabric off (and I can sew for sh*t, so not the best situation!). I hate my legs so much that when I used to suffer from depression I would rather cut my legs than my arms ‘cause I knew that I would never really be confident enough to just get my legs out without hesitation. I hate my legs so much that I’ve SERIOUSLY considered doing a leg extending surgery, but I unfortunately don’t have £100k lying about (anyone fancy sponsoring me? ;-))

But I also am incredibly stubborn. And want to push myself to do things that I would not consider doing. Blogging has brought me to that. So I have been playing with the idea of getting Disco Pants for a long while. But splashing out £70 for a pair of pants that would likely make me wanna cry seeing my legs in them, I just wasn’t sure. And Birmingham doesn’t have American Apparel, so you don’t see anyone else wear these up here (not to my knowledge at least), so add the sheer fear factor of being the first to wear something so sexual – not a great combo when you’re already paranoid about your legs!

But I did it.

And the feedback that’s already coming in about these trousers are making me wanna cry – but from happiness. Blogging really is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. You guys give me strength and confidence that no one else could ever give me.


PS – sowwee for the sob story! LOL


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19 Comments on “OOTD: Disco Inferno

  1. London Beauty Queen

    They actually make your legs look longer – especially with the dipped shirt. You need to wear things like this to cut you off at the highest part of the leg to give the illusion that your limbs are longer. We'll have you confident about your cute legs in no time! PS – how the hell do you walk in those shoes?!

  2. MakeupbyNix

    Maria hun, I know you won't believe me but you do have great legs! Okay, so they aren't super long, but I think they are a lovely shape. It's not like your thighs rub together, like mine! *cringe* Also, this is a lovely outfit. I really hope you felt confident in it as you looked great :) xx

  3. fritha louise

    You look AMAZING! My flatmate is reading blogs over my shoulder and she said "that girl looks really nice" too. The disco pants really suit you and the orange top looks amazing with your skin tone.

  4. Maddy

    You look fantastic and I am seriously jealous of the shape of your legs!On a second note I just wanted to say how brave I think you are. I have depression as well and used to also cut my legs although I don't hide my scars, they're just part of me (people are usually too busy staring at the chair to notice anyway lol). I know how much strength it takes to try and pull yourself out of that pit and yeah I just wanted to say that to have done that is incredible and amazing really.Maddy xhttp://thoughtsofagirloncrutches.blogspot.com

  5. SarahB @ FridayisFor

    You're mad – You look amazing in these! But I understand, I'm 5'8" but also have a longer torso than legs meaning that most tops are too short for me and trousers too long, haha! I'd LOVE to try some disco pants but all my weight is carried on my thighs, nnneeeh!! S xx

  6. Strawberry Blonde

    I think you look great honey – you suit the orange so much and the shoes are fab. I agree that you have good legs & I always think of you as tall and slim. If you do want to give the illusion of them looking longer, maybe try a shorter top and long trousers that almost touch the ground (with heels) – or skinnies with shoes in similar colour (more illusion!).I honestly don't think you need to worry though – so many girls would give anything for your figure!Nic x

  7. Lina

    I had the pleasure of seeing you live in those pants. And I think that when you wear them your legs (and I do agree that they look really good in those pants) are not the part of your body anyone would focus on because…your bum looked just AMAZING!

  8. Katrina

    That blouse is so gorgeous! And you have killer legs. I totally agree – blogging is one of the best things I ever did too)>'.'<

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      awww thank you so much for your lovely comment! my blog is all about affordable stuff – i think there's no point of writing about expensive things that i am lucky enough to get for free if you guys cant appreciate it anyways! :) i love a bargain :)i rarely cut off my clothes too – but when I do it's always about 2inches that come off :(♥


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