Event • French Connection Sketch to Store

Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (02)

Have you noticed how most of my recent posts have been outfit posts? I’ve rediscovered the fashion blogger in me! I’m super excited and only this weekend the boy and I shot 3 outfits I styled with almost child-like giddiness!

And who or what’s to blame?

The French Connection Sketch to Store event that I went to almost a month ago!

The event was about showing off FCUK‘s AW13 collection, which comprises beautiful pieces in plum, teal, navy and black, grey and white and some gorgeous glitzy items, and to let us play with them! The event was held across most of FCUK‘s stores in the UK and all who attended got to style outfits using items from the AW13 collection to show off its versatility!

Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (05) Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (06) Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (10) Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (12) Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (13) Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (15)

It was sooooo much fun and it’s the single reason why I’m back into outfit blogging, because I got to experiment with beautiful (and painfully expensive) clothes. I created the outfit above that I never thought I would wear or pull off. I briefly considered buying all items to wear for the Cosmo Blog Awards, but alas it would’ve cost around £400-500 (the jumpsuit is £125, the bag another £110 I think and so on) and that’s just not doable!

There were so many brilliant outfits – some of them using the same items and yet the outfits all turned out so different!

Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (01)

Black & White Elegance by Stacey

Event - FCUK Sketch to Store (03)

Happy Bloggers: Martyna, Sindy, Myself, Joanna & Anna

I gotta say I absolutely loved this night and it’s done so much for me to find my blogging mojo again (let’s hope it’s more than just temporary!) so I really want to thank the lovelies at French Connection for inviting me!!!


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4 Comments on “Event • French Connection Sketch to Store

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      well i just dont do low-cut tops, so i needed to think of a solution because i loved that jumpsuit so much! and i wanted my typical pop of colour so i went for that shirt (which is actually neon-green!) xx


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