A Non-Traditional Wedding?

Having been with Lodz for almost 3 years, of course I’ve spent a lot time day-dreaming about our wedding, if he were ever to propose. I have so many ideas and I get even more when I dare go on Pinterest (it really is the best place to get inspiration), but one thing that I’ve noticed is that even when it comes to breaking with the traditional, most women still choose to wear white or just off-white dresses – and that will probably include myself!

But for me it’s not about traditions, I just wanna stand out with that white, because of the overall purple & grey colour scheme that I have in mind. I never really thought about any other dress colour but off-white, but what if I were to wear a purple & grey dress myself?

I mean, it wouldn’t make me stand out at all visually, but it sure as hell would make me stand out for expressing my individuality, wouldn’t it?But then, does purple & grey work with my complexion? Would it be overload? Ultimately, there’s so many things to take into consideration, especially whether the dress complements my wedding’s colour scheme. But then again, why not go with a traditional dress, but with an antique ring, like the ones Pragnell do?

Told you, I spend too much time thinking about these things – and he hasn’t even proposed yet LOL! But what can I do, I’m sure every girl (especially in a relationship) daydreams about her wedding, right? **

Would you break with tradition and pick a non-white dress for the big day?


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