Shopcade: A shopping Pinterest

Are you familiar with Shopcade? No? But you like online shopping, get a bargain and earning money right? Then read on.

Shopcade is a website that’s from the US. It basically works like Pinterest as in that you can browse the website and pin stuff to your various themed boards. But, all the items listed are shopable. It’s not DIYs or pretty pictures of houses that we can’t afford, but items that you can buy, like ASOS stuff, or things from Dorothy Perkins, or Apple products, etc.


So it’s basically a shopping pinterest. And the great thing is that you can shop items immediately too, and you can earn. And you can collect points for each item you pin to your board and each item you’ve pinned that other people re-pin. And for each person who follows your boards and for each person you manage to get signed up.


What good is collecting points? I tell you there are some amazing perks to be had. I collected 5000 points and redeemed it to a £25 gift voucher for Reiss! And I just redeemed another 200 points to get 100 Moo mini cards for Lodz for free (they normally cost £10).


You can earn money if people buy things that you’ve pinned and Shopcade sometimes offer exclusive discounts on items too!

Unfortunately only items of brands that the company have in their affiliation programme are available to pin and save money on, so small brands – my favourite kind – aren’t available. BUT Shopcade are constantly working on extending their network and working with more and more brands to add to those they already have (Accessorize, Adidas, Apple, Cath Kidston, Converse, DKNY, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Elizabeth Arden, Forever 21, etc to only name a few).

There are a few drawbacks though of course.

One I already mentioned, that they only have brands on there with whom they have a partnership. So we’re limited in our pinning options.

Two, the perks that you can redeem your collected points for aren’t for everyone. Not only do you need a specific amount of points to redeem, but you also need to have a specific ‘trend score’, which basically changes with the intensity of your activity on the website. 

Thirdly, there is a daily cap on the points you can collect – and this is where my personal frustration comes in. It’s unbelievable how many points you miss out on, especially when you are being very active on Shopcade to increase your trend score to unlock those awesome higher level perks. I’ve lost out on more than 1,000 points because I reach my daily limit every time. But how am I supposed to increase my trend score and my points? The higher my trend score the more people will repin my stuff and I will lose out on even more points. I’m not 100% if your daily limit increases as you move up the trend “ladder”, but it sure as hell would be appropriate.


Finally, some perks, like the gift cards take a couple of weeks to be delivered. Mine took 3 weeks. Obviously, some perks, like my 100 mini Moo cards for free, was instantaneously as it took me straight to the Moo website.

But over all, I am so addicted to Shopcade. It’s still in its beta-phase, despite it’s over 15,000 users. So the website is still developing and hopefully they remove that daily points cap and widen their partners network.

So sign up to Shopcade and experience it yourself! Maybe I’m being too critical (as per usual, eh? ;))

What do you reckon – is this a good or a bad concept?


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