Review: Sonia Kashuk Kashuk Tools Foundation Brush

Some of you may know that a couple of weeks ago, I asked my friend who was living in Chicago at that time to get me some Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target. She did and I did a haul video and post on it too.

I’ve finally found some time to test drive all the brushes so I’m bringing you the first review!

Product Details
Brand: Sonia Kashuk
Product: Foundation Brush
Range: Kashuk Tools
Price: US$14.99
Description: “Get picture-perfect skin with this foundation brush designed by Sonia Kashuk. A contoured handle gears the brush for pro results. Made with nylon bristles to deliver the foundation lightly and evenly. Brush the foundation on gently, beginning slowly and adding more as the occasion demands

The brush came in a plastic casing with a clear front and a white back. I like that it came in a plastic casing – it made it feel special, as most brushes just come in some clear but soft protective cover. 5 out of 5

The brush itself has a sleek, black, curvy handle and the bristles are made out of nylon. The connector that holds the bristles in place is black metal as well and it has faintly “Sonia Kashuk” written across it. The product is a tad smaller in length, height and width as you can see in the picture below. And the design of the handle is fantastic! I love it because it’s totally different and it helps holding on to the brush as it feels like it’s moulded to my palm. Sonia Kashuk does a normal foundation brush that isn’t part of this range. I’m not sure if it’s bigger, but it looks that way in the pictures and its got a plain, straight handle. While I love the handle and I’m glad that the bristles are synthetic, the entire bristle head is just too small in every aspect. It costs $14.99 and is only available in the US at Target, which I’m not impressed by. 2.5 out 5

The bristles are made of nylon, so they will last you a lot longer, which is great. And as foundation brush, it will absorb less product than a brush out of natural hair – at least that’s what my findings are. I washed the brush before using it for the first time and the bristles didn’t shed or bleed or spreyed out. The connector that keeps the bristles on the handle feels very secure and the feel of the handle is – as I said – fantastic as it feels like it’s moulded to my hand. 5 out of 5

I really wish the brush’s head was bigger. I’d love it sooo much! But because it is smaller, I find it more difficult to work with to get a good even coverage. It just takes up a lot more time to achieve the results that I get from my preferred foundation brush (Illamasqua). But maybe if you are new to the makeup land, it might be a good, cheap investment to practice with. 2.5 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 2.5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 2.5 out of 5
Total: 15 out of 5

Illamasqua., Sonia Kashuk, Sigma

Again I’m sorry that I’m sharing a review of a product that you might not be able to get hold of easily if you are outside the UK, but I thought it could still be informative to know that this product is probably not worth buying.

Much love,

PS – Sorry for my Illamasqua brush being dirty – I shot this picture this morning just after I had applied my foundation!


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