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Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palettes Mardi Gras & Ballet (03)Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palettes Mardi Gras & Ballet (01)Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palettes Mardi Gras & Ballet (02)

I love coming home from work to find lovely parcels, especially when they’re from Sleek MakeUP. This time they are bringing me and you some amazing lip products – it’s 6 lip quads/palettes all going by the name Lip4.

Six indispensable lip palettes, containing four pigment-intense lip shades in one neat compact. Shades available in 3 finishes (matte, gloss & satin), making it easy to create a multitude of lip looks.

The 6 Lip4 Lip Palettes are: Show Girl, Siren, Ballet, Havana, Tease and Mardi Gras (the latter being a limited edition).

Mardi Grass Lip4 Lipstick Palette

Like I said,. this is a limited edition, so you guys need to make sure you get your hands on these fast, when they’re coming out. And also it’s my favourite of the 2 Lip4 palettes I got to try!

Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palettes Mardi Gras & Ballet (04)Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palette Mardi Gras

Sleek MakeUP Lip4 Lip Palette ‘Mardi Gras’ *: Rio, Carnival, Firework and Masquerade

Mardi Gras is full of vibrant colours, with Rio being a bright purple with a satin finish, Carnival being ultra-pigmented ex-Lip Paint type full-on fuchsia with a glossy finish, Firework being a matte coral-y pink colour and then Masquerade again being an ex-Lip Paint type lip product, ultra pigmented pink with a blue undertone.

And I absolutely love the colours and the finishes. It’s so nice to have this variety, though I was a bit shocked swatching away the Rio colour, noticing it was hard, so applying the same pressure to get product from Carnival onto my finger, only to notice too late that it was super soft and super pigmented!

Ballet Lip4 Lipstick Palette

Just from the pictures above you can see that the colours are quite neutral and mute. They’re different shades of nude, which I’m not a huge fan of. But if you’re into those shades, these are great.

Ballet‘ consists of Tutu, ah soft peach colour with a glossy finish like an ex-Lip Paint, Plie – a dark reddish brown with a satin finish, Swan Lake being a light, matte brownish nude and Pirouette which is a beautiful satin rose pink.

As you can see on the picture below, these colours aren’t the most pigmented ever, especially not in comparison to the Mardi Gras colours, which is really a shame, because while I’m not a fan of nude colours, this means that these Lip4 Lipstick Palettes are going to be hit & miss :(

Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palettes Mardi Gras & Ballet (05)Review Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palette Ballet

Sleek MakeUP ‘Ballet’ Lip4 Lipstick Palette *: Tutu, Plie, Swan Lake, Pirouette

Final Thoughts

These babies are truly amazing. I wouldn’t recommend using the shitty little brush you get with each palette, but if you’re willing to invest in a separate lip brush (or an angled brush, which I prefer), and you want lots of different colours then go for these. Besides some colours being intensely pigmented, there isn’t much special about these palettes though – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

For £8.99 it’s a great price for what you get, but do make sure you swatch the colours (unfortunately the Havana will only be available online).

Sleek MakeUP’s Lip4 Lipstick Palettes are going to hit the shelves on 8th May


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7 Comments on “Review • Sleek MakeUP Lip4 Lipstick Palettes

  1. Amy Johnson

    Mardi Gras looks lovely, but I struggle to remember to use lip products that come in palettes. I have a really nice Laura Mercier lip palette but I always forget to use it! x


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