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Nails Inc is a British company founded in 1999 that does everything related to nails: Nail varnishes, Treatments, etc.Since their launch, they managed to get mentions by Vogue, Glamour, Hello, Elle, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia which helped them grow in popularity.

Since I am a nails noop I literally had never heard of them before they announced their collaboration deal with Coca Cola and Boots. So instead of trying to find their products in Boots (the local one doesn’t do it) I bought 4x 500ml bottles of Diet Coke (£1.18 in Boots) and got 2 out of 4 possible nail varnshes by Nails Inc for free. These nail varnishes normally cost £11, so it’s a very attractive deal. Also, the colors are exclusives, so you can’t buy them other than through this Diet Coke deal.

Product Details
Brand: Nails Inc London
Product: Nail Varnish
Size:10ml / 0.3 US fl oz
Price: £3.36 through Diet Coke Deal, RRP £11
Colors: Plum, Heather Grey, Denim, Caramel (Diet Coke Collection); generally 61 colors
Description: N/A

All nail varnishes by Nails Inc come in a round see-through glass jar with either a silver cap or a crystal-studded cap. The cap’s height is almost as big as the the body of the jar where the product lives. The application brush is long and the bristles are not spreyed all over the place. A lot of nail polishes normally come with a cap smaller in diameter than the body of the product, but I like this. Serves for a more secure grip to open the bottle. And the glass isn’t milky so what you see is what you get. 5 out of 5

Nails Inc put 10ml of product in each jar, which is the same amount that Barry M uses and in general more than Rimmel. They come in 61 (!) different shades! I have never seen a brand with that many shades! Unfortunately they are all £11 so for me that’s a tad too much. But for a choice of 61 different shades. WOW 4 out of 5

The nail varnish is just the right amount of liquid. It’s not too fluid and it’s too thick. It’s just perfect and therefore it’s very easy to achieve an even opaque coat even in the first round. They come out wet a tad lighter, but once they’ve dried the colors are just like in the jar. And this is I really like about these nail varnishes, because if you do decide to go for another coating, you will be able to see where you’ve put the 2nd layer of product so that ensures that you don’t accidentally forget a patch. They dried in a good short amount of time and have not flaked off within the 24hrs that I’ve worn them (most nail polishes that I own do flake within the first 24hrs). So again, that’s another great plus for these nail varnishes. Best nail polishes that I own. 5 out of 5

I really like these nail varnishes. For the £3.36 that I had to pay for 2 Diet Coke bottles, they definitely are a phenomenal deal! It was a win-win for me anyways, because I love Diet Coke and I got to save some cash (though at the time of purchase I didn’t realise that Nails Inc normally sell at £11 because I had never heard of them before!) If they were to do another of these deals, I would buy them again, but I ain’t spending more than £5 on any nail polish! 3 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 4 out f 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Total: 17 out of 20

Swatches of Plum & Heather Grey

Have you guys tried these nail varnishes yet? What are you willing to pay?
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3 Comments on “Review: Nails Inc Nail Varnishes

  1. Ms Bubu

    I love Nails Inc polishes! From this collection I got all except Plum (might get it later)I have never paid full price for them though, I agree £11 is a lot for nail polishes. But you can always find deals in Glamour or InStyle mags, and of course, they have their second collaboration with Diet Coke at Boots now!!!I think when they did the InStyle one (in May/June) people were able to get 3 different colours ( I got one)and they lately did one in Glamour in November ( I think) where you could grab 4 different shades from their maistream collection!

  2. Rebecca

    Oh lovely!I picked up 4 bottles of diet coke today and chose the same colours as you it seems, so pleased to come across your review!I got the 'saville row' polish with Glamour magazine and I found it difficult to apply with the big lid, but for such a good deal when I love diet coke anyway I thought they were worth trying again. Quite tempted to go back for another 4 bottles of coke…!


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