Review: MUA Every Lash Mascara

Superdrug’s exclusive cosmetics range MUA (MakeUp Academy) is gracing is with yet another product that is affordable (£3) and claims to do amazing things to our lashes, Every Lash Mascara, which I tested, so here’s my review for you now.

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MUA Every Lash Mascara (*)

Every Lash Mascara: Coat your lashes from root to tip with this super silky formula for longer and thicker lashes in a flash, minus the irritating clumping. The multi-comb, silicone wands will catch each individual eyelash whilst defining and separating to create a flirty, fanned-out effect. What’s more, the gorgeous apple scent will make it your new make-up addiction.

So the key points that I tested the mascara on are: - silky formula
- longer & thicker lashes
- no clumping
- wand separates each lash with fanned-out effect
- apple scent

You can very clearly see that the MUA Every Lash Mascara does indeed separate the lashes very well and coats them individually, which clearly makes them look longer, fuller and thicker. So in that regard, the claim does certainly ring true.

Also the formula is very nice – not too wet so there’s low chances of clumping and not too dry either. So again, the claim doesn’t lie.

BUT there are a few points that aren’t positive: first of all – AN APPLE-SCENTED MASCARA?! WHY? Since when do we sniff our mascaras? Do we need a scented mascara? I certainly didn’t even notice any scent when using the mascara – only when I had read the product blurb! And then I sniffed the mascara like a fool – and URGH! APPLE SCENT? Hells no! That’s more like paint stripper! Disgusting! But then I actually sniffed the mascara.

Like I said, I couldn’t detect any smell, so regardless of whether it smells strongly of pain stripper or apple – it’s not overpowering or detectable unless you make an effort to smell the mascara (which I’m sure no one does?!)

So all in all, I think this is a good mascara. It’s not mind-blowing, but for £3 definitely better than some more costly mascaras, that’s for sure!

What do you think of this mascara? Does it make lashes longer & fuller enough for your liking? What’s your thoughts on scented mascaras? LET ME KNOW BELOWWWW!!


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7 Comments on “Review: MUA Every Lash Mascara

  1. Rachel Lubbock

    I tried this, was really happy with all of it until it came to taking it off! It is like super glue, i tried three different eye make up removers (all of which i use regularly) wouldn’t budge! Baby wipes, soap and water, nothing. I ended up trying to pick most of it off (was like stringy rubber and it took half my lashes with it) i would recommend this product and i will be complaining to MUA!


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