Review: Models Own Nail Polishes

Product Details
Brand: Models Own
Product: Nail Polishes
Size: 14ml
Price: £5 (online & Boots)
Description: “Stay on-trend right down to the tips of your toes. Creamy or pearly, glittery or neon, all our nail polishes glide on smoothly and are hardwearing and long lasting. Designed for fashion and fun!

Models Own’s nail polishes all come in cylindric see-through glass bottles with a white lid as wide as the rest of the bottle. I like this packaging: Firstly I see how much product I’ve used; secondly it’s the same width everywhere so I find it easier to store than say Nubar nail polishes or OPI nail polishes that are wider at the bottom than on the top. 5 out of 5

Models Own offer you ONE HUNDRED different colors and finishes plus 1 Top&Base coat! Colorwise you can get Neons, Reds, Blues, Pinks, Pastels, Greys, Peaches, Purples, Golds, Silvers, Oranges, Blacks, Whites, Yellows and Greens. Finish-wise you can get Metals, Creams, Pearls, Glitters, and more. ISNT THAT AMAZING??? It’s like ZOMG! They only think I’m missing is Mattes or at least a topcoat that creates a matte look. But I’m not into Mattes so it doesn’t make a difference to me that this is a HUMONGUS selection of colors. And to pay £5 for 14ml I think is a fair deal as you really get to choose what color/finish you spend it on! 5 out of 5

The 2 polishes that I was sent (Coral Reef and Jade Stone), I really liked the consistency of. They weren’t too runny or too thick and very pigmented, so that 1 coat was nearly enough to get full opacity! However, after having a bath with them they started flaking and “bubbling up”. Like it looked I had bubbles between my nails and the polish. Really odd. Never seen that with any polishes. And that made the polishes flakey and not last as long as I would’ve liked. 3.5 out of 5

I would buy these, but I would probably try a different finish to see if the polishes all have that same problem with “bubbling up” – which I doubt. 2 out 100 having that problem doesn’t mean anything – that’s 2%. That’s like 2 out of 100 cars break down, that still means that the other 98 might never break down…I’m just not sure if all 100 colors/finishes are available instore. 4.5 out of 5

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Product: 5 out of 5
Quality: 3.5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5
Total: 18 out of 20

Nail Art with both polishes!

Much love,
Ms Drifted Snow White

Disclaimer: Models Own kindly sent me these free of charge for consideration.


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