Review: Love & Glamour by Jennifer Lopez

Ever wondered noticed that women’s fragrances are sometimes a lot more expensive than men’s fragances and wondered why that is? It’s because it’s not the same stuff!

Women’s fragrances are mostly Eau de Perfumes (EdP) or Eau de Toilette (EdT), whereas men’s stuff is mostly EdT or Eau de Cologne (EdC) or Aftershave. The price difference is where it comes to concentration of the fragrant ingredients or the dilution of the fragrance. An EdP and & EdT is purer, less diluted, higher concentrated than an EdC or Aftershave. Hence the price difference. 

Top Notes come out quickly on application, Middles after a short while, and Base Notes after 30 or so minutes. This is important as you generally will be wearing a fragrance for several hours, and most people will smell the base notes on you, not the top notes.” 
He then goes on saying that due to the individual skin smell every skin reacts differently, so one fragrance can work on one person but not necessarily with another person.
  • Top Notes: Mandarin, Guava, Nectarine pulp 
  • Middle Notes: Water lily, Coconut orchid, Orange flower absolute, Jasmine petals 
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Sensual musk, Amber

This is not gonna be an extensive review like you get on my blog when it comes to makeup. I know more about makeup than about perfumes, so I know what to look out for there and how to describe the things I like and dislike, but not so much in great detail when it comes to perfumes. I still thought I can give it a shot…

I like this perfume. It’s lovely to wear during the day, but it’s not the sort of thing I’d wear on a night out or on a date. It’s definitely not over powering, but it does fade completely quite quickly, which is a bit of a shame. But I definitely prefer this one over the other fragrances that Jennifer Lopez has produced so far, so that’s another thing to consider if you like her perfumes. But I’m not sure I’d buy it again (not because of the product itself or its price, but because I already have many day-time fragrances!!), I’d only consider it if I was out of the many day-time perfumes I already got. Its price varies from £12-20 depending on where you look: is a good place to start.

Sorry I’m not being too structured with my review :-( I’ll practice some more!!

Much love, Miss drifted Snow White


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