Review: L’Oreal Feria [Same Shade My Ass!]

Warning: strong language (I’m really angry and this frustration needs to be aired and well, since this is my piece of the world, I get to say what I think, right?)

A few months ago, when I decided to move away from the blonde curls that I had and the red I had done at Urban Roots had faded considerably, I picked up the L’Oreal Feria in Mango Intense Copper, which is a gorgeous orange paprika mango ginger and I have been using it ever since (not just because I get tons of compliments on the colour, I really REALLY love the colour too).

But very recently L’Oreal started changing the packaging of the Feria range, promising it’s the same shades, just a different packaging. So when I was due repainting my regrowth (especially my blossoming grey hairs), I very happily snatched up the #74 Mango Intense Copper like I have done before. I truly believed that they had only changed the packaging – I mean, why would they change the formula, right? And why would they say on the box it’s the same formula/product if it wasn’t – ’cause that’d be false advertisement. I believed them.

BOY WAS I WRONG! L’Oreal are really full of sh!t! First of all, the product has now some sort of oil additive that I don’t remember having to add into the mix before application with the old products. That was the first clue. Or maybe I just have bad memory (well I am kinda known for that) – but I was distracted with the fancy black gloves (can you tell I’m easily distracted?).

I applied the colour as normal and waited 30min for it to develop, washed it out, conditioned it, threw some Awapul hair oil and Tresemme Salon Sleek spray on and started blowdrying my hair when I first noticed how much redder rather than ginger my hair was!! Same shade my ass! L’Oreal Feria definitely changed the formula because my hair is redder rather than ginger and that REALLY pisses me off!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED that ginger colour and now I have to go and find a new perfect ginger….

before & after

You might say “But, Maria, this colour is pretty, I don’t understand what all this fuss is about?!” and I tell you:

Yes, I know, it’s a pretty colour, but I’ve been every shade of red in my life and I was really, really excited to have found a colour that suits me, that I get compliments for, that not everyone has AND that isn’t red! I’m very precious about my hair and very picky, I’ve been through so many different colours in my life and I would’ve happily stuck with this colour for another few months at least (maybe with the variation of darker/lighter tips)! So maybe that explains why I’m so bloody annoyed at L’Oreal?

Why oh why, L’Oreal, would you claim in big letters on your (less than impressive) new packaging, that it’s the same product just with different packaging when i’s so VERY CLEARLY not the case and you have mucked about with the formulas?! WHY CHANGE WHAT WORKS?! Why don’t you go and spend your R&D money on, oh I don’t know, the gazillionth shampoo & conditioner or whatever!! GRRRRRRRR

Ever found your perfect product and then the company went and changed it all?


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42 Comments on “Review: L’Oreal Feria [Same Shade My Ass!]

  1. MakeupbyNix

    This is so annoying! I have had this problem in the past, but also hate it when I adore a product and the company discontinue it so I can't get it any more. I know it's not what you want, but it is still a pretty shade :)

  2. Danielle Rose

    I agree thats so annoying!I dont think i've ever dyed my hair the same colour twice so i've not had this issue. I have however followed the instructions and lost a few inches! I dont trust packets now! x

  3. Beauty's Bad Ha

    I hate when companies do this! Or when the shades differ across different products in the range. I found a perfect match in Collection 2000 foundation, bought the same shade in another of their foundations and it was entirely different :( Sucks, but at least it's still a nice shade!

  4. Jemma Benns

    I hate it when that happens too >.< But I gotta say, I think that colour on you suits you more than the previous one ! Its soo gorgeous. I was wondering whether to buy it or not as Im a natural ginge/copper, and wanna enhance my colour, and I defo will be getting it now XD

  5. G A B Y

    Wow, I absolutely understand your frustration. I have never ever been happy with ANY L'Oreal products, to be honest. They are just a shitty overpriced company in my opinion. Can't believe they kill milion on animals each day for such shitty products.

  6. Amanda

    OMG! So glad I read this! I am a regular buyer of the Mango intense copper as the colour was gorgeous! I can't believe they have done this, I'm going to have to find a new ginger hair dye too! Thankyou for the heads up!Amanda, XO

  7. Anonymous

    mine has gone the opposite way! turned my roots a gorgeous "paprika" leaving the rest of my hair a strawberry blonde :S its very noticable and now i have to damage my hair further trying to correct it

  8. Anonymous

    What can I use instead of Loreal 100 110 Feria which has changed it formula? I have used it for 15 years and it has been wonderful. Now my hair is dry, brittle and my scalp is itchy. Could anyone help me in suggesting a product that is like the OLD Loreal Feria ?? [email protected] you

  9. Anonymous

    Could someone with knowledge of hair coloring help me? The new blond Loreal Ferias are dreadful. Hair is dull, straw like and breaking all over. What can I use in place of it?

  10. Bernie

    I was thinking of using this colour but now seeing your previous beautiful hair colour I think I've found my new shade :D I was just wondering if you found a product that had the same or similar colour as the products original colour/formula? I would be really grateful if you could drop me a line if you have.Bernie

  11. Erin

    Glad it wasn't just me who saw the difference! I have been using Mango Intense Copper for a long time now. When I saw the new packaging, I was a bit dubious. It doesn't look nearly as nice and to add insult to injury, it has faded out super fast! Nothing like the old stuff. I had found the perfect colour for me, I am sorry they had to mess with it. :(

  12. Linsay x

    Seen your review as i've just seen these shades online. What about their Paprika Power shade? That looks bright ginger/orange. I'd love to try it but i'm a bit wary so i'm trying to find some reviews :) x

  13. Anonymous

    I have been using the feria metallic silver blonde for years and then when applying to roots recently it has been turning orange…..put it down to hormones after pregnancy. BUT then I found an old feria box in my bathroom and tried it….hey presto colour was perfect so they HAVE most definitely changed the formula. Not sure what to do now tho :-( very disappointed. J x

  14. Lou

    I have noticed over the past few times I used Feria P76 Pure Spice Power my hair isnt as bright and vibrant as it used to be, and my hair feels in a worse condition. I thought the condition was just due to heat styling and dying my hair but now I'm guessing it is actually the change in formula of Feria. Ive decided to try another brand, I used to be so happy with my red, not now though :( xxx

  15. Anonymous

    Durr……feria has always had the little oil packet in it… For years and years. So really, if you don't remember mixing that in, ever… Then maybe that's why the Colour turned out differently?

  16. Anonymous

    Not true, I'm also a mango copper burst user and there has never been the little oil thing in it! I'm about to try paprika power…wish me luck!

  17. Anonymous

    I have been using L'Oreal Feria for almost a year with great results until they changed the formula and now my hair is dry and frizzy and the grey roots are showing through after just one wash I will need to try another brand after only 2 weeks to attempt to rectify. any suggestions for an alternative to French Roast dark golden brown? [email protected]

  18. [email protected]

    I can see why you'd be annoyed, but with all fairness, it looks like it matches the color on the new box exactly. Feria used to make a darker blonde that I loved and when they changed the model/packaging and said it was the same shade, I didn't use it as it looked significantly more golden/coppery than the earlier version. Nonetheless, I can't wait to return to using Feria. I had been using their Champagne Cocktail shade for several years and wanted to go to a darker blonde…something honey/caramel colored. They didn't have anything close to what I wanted (they discontinued a shade I loved), so I used Garner's Nourishing Color Foam in #7 Dark Blonde since it was the closest to what I had in mind. Well, it came out REALLY dark…brunette…ashy, yucky brown that almost looked green under florescent light. Fortunately I can tell it's fading…I've been using clarifying shampoo and VO5 hot oil treatments to help speed up the process. Reviews tell me this shade fades fairly quickly, but I can't wait to resemble something closer to blonde again.

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  21. Asli

    I had the feeling it wouldn't be the same shade when I was buying the pack. I've been seeing a professional for my ginger shade and it was exactly the result you're frustrated about. My roots are a little lighter than yours and when my dye washes out it's the same colour with yours on first pic. But lately my hairdresser decided to go creative on me and gave me a weird brownish shade of red with red ombré. I hated it and bought this pack to re-dye it. But ended up with some sort of dark Rihanna red and can't really complain for now. When it washes off I'll buy a pack of 74 again and get the colour you didn't like but I second you, they did change the formula :D

  22. Marthabakerrn

    Please, still looking for a replacement for Feria 100 or Feria 110. The new formula is the same color but it ruins my hair making it very dry and brittle. Can anyone give me the name of another brand that has a similar formula to the old Feria. The old Feria left my hair soft and shiny rather than dry and brittle. I still can occasionally find the old formula in some stores so I know the difference.
    [email protected]

  23. Marthajeanrensch1

    “Why can’t Loreal tell us why it changed it’s formula?”

    I have been using Loreal Feria 100 110 for over 10 years. when they noteon the box new model,,,, it is not only a new model it is a different formula. The contents inside used to be 2.4 and 2.4 . The new formula is exxxxxxtremely drying to the hair. Does anyone else have a suggestion as to what to use instead of Loreal Feria?

  24. Sarahjwhiteley

    I use the paprika power feria dye and I am dreading the day when they change it :(
    On the same note but different type of product, everyone knows troublesome and sensitive skin needs close and careful control, once you find what works for you, the majority of people stick with it! Naturally this was my plan with the clean & clear exfoliating face wipes, I have been using them for years but now they have been discontinued! I can’t believe it!!! I am allergic to a lot of products and I tend to flare up in spots (I’m very pale so a cluster of red is extremely noticeable) now I must go through more products to find one that works for me!!!!

    Also, adds discontinued the incredible chicken tikka kievs!! Haha

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      I totally know what you mean, I loveLoveLOVE my Paprika Power & Intense Copper Mango dyes. I will cry and cry for years if this ever gets discontinued (I hope I will find out beforehand and buy all the dyes I can find!!)

  25. Nats

    I have mid-brown to light brown hair naturally and bought a box of Mango Copper Burst to use on my hair, I had natural roots and the rest of the hair was copper from other dyes. But for some reason, it didn’t take to my hair and my roots remained just as dark, no lightening at all. I was so disappointed. :/

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      Sorry to hear that Nats. The dye doesn’t claim to have colour-lifting capabilities though, so you can’t blame your disappointment on the dye. Maybe try a hair toner first? Or maybe stick to the other colours?

  26. Dija

    When I first read this article, I hadn’t tried this new package-same shade thing. I thought that maybe the author was overreacting slightly and bought it anyway. No overreaction here, though.
    This ‘same shade’ is not all that same, unfortunately. It is, indeed, more reddish than ginger and, the worst part, it looks like any cheap red dye instead of giving nice ginger-y glow. And the difference is obvious even on my dark brown hair, so I’m scared to imagine the effect that would show on lighter shades.
    By the way, I’ve tried both ‘mango’ and ‘pure paprika’ shades and it’s the same with both of them – more red than you’d expect it to be. Pity.
    Besides, it is quite an aggressive dye if you ask me. I’ve dyed my hair before, curled it chemically numerous times, yet this one dye did the job of drying hair and damaging it in some indescribable way (not that its breaking or so, but something, some shine or glossiness is gone).

  27. minni

    just found your post in looking for my own shade of feria – perhaps the color was different due to your starting shade and how porous your hair was this time as opposed to when you did it the first time. hope you find your color again in another brand.

  28. Mollie

    I naturally have dark blonde hair but have dyed it a reddish medium brown. Would this dye work over it and still be as vibrant as yours or would you recommend stripping my hair first?

  29. mags

    I have been using your hair colour for many years, you recently took it of to “change the packaging”….its a complete lie you have also changed the serum…after years of using your product its now awful and will never use it again!!!

    My hair was dull, the colour was not the same, it was noticeably awful.

    1. Trini

      I agree. Loved the shimmery multidimensional highlights of my medium or dark auborn. I colored my hair after a hiatus, and dark auburn came out a dull dark violet color. Ugh! Have to find something else.

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  31. Barbara

    Feria color 100…..I have used it for years…my hair was fabulous…I only have to color my hair every 3 or 4 months…new girl on box, new color and now my hair looks like crap. So unhappy with my color…my new hair dresser says the would never use Loreal products ever that the changes have brought them so much business they are jumping for joy. I am certain that (Loreal) they made things cheaper yet raised the price. Horrible, terrible and after being a loyal customer for years and years I am done…brokenhearted, but done….

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