Review • L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power

Review L'Oreal Feria Paprika Power (03)For a long, long time in my life I went all kinds of crazy with my hair, dying it from black to blonde to all shades of red and pink till I eventually arrived at ‘ginger’ as my perfect colour. I’ve been with this colour for over a year and a half, which for me is like an eternity, which says a lot!

Up until recently, I was always using my trusted L’Oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper that I stayed loyal to even when L’Oreal decided to change the product (but claiming that it was the same, which was true rubbish!) but thanks to Leanne I’ve discovered an even more perfect ginger with L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power.

Outfit Boyfriend Jeans x Cropped Tee (20)

It’s a super intense fiery red ginger, even on my normally dark now greying hair, which is just perfect. It’s so vibrant, but it still looks natural and I’ve been getting tons of compliments for it (who doesn’t mind that, right?). But do keep that in mind – if you’re a blonde, it will be even more vibrant (you can probably be spotted from out of space haha) so maybe don’t leave it on for the full time or go for the Mango Intense Copper first.

Of course there are moments where I’m wishing I could have my magenta pink hair back, but in all honesty, this L’Oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper and even more so the Paprika Power dyes are just holy grail for me.

Do make sure that once you dyed your hair to really take good care of it with moisturising hair care products, because any hair dye regardles of how long you leave it on will take some strength and health out of your hair!

Depending on your budget, I recommend the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner (£6.29), the Joico K-Pak Mousiture Intense Hydrator Treatment (£16.20) or the Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream Leave-In Mousse (£12.55) or the Milk_Shake Active Yogurt Mask (£11.44)!

I’m definitely going to stick to this hair colour – I just love it!

Do you dye your hair a lot? What is your go-to colour / brand? How do you look after your hair after dying?


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34 Comments on “Review • L’Oreal Feria Paprika Power

      1. LiLi Julian

        Haha! Thats so cute! Guess what I keep having dreams that my future daughter comes out having red afro hair! I guess you never know though ;)

  1. Missi Kitti

    I keep trying this on my hair (With brakes of like a month or so between each try) but it just won’t take!! Both my boyfriend and I LOVE red-heads, and picked Paprika Power as the best for me to use. No matter what I try, it washes out in a week and I am left with blonde again. :( Any help please so I can have amazing hair too? :(

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      Hey Missi! just saw this! So sorry to hear that you have issues with this colour. Assuming you following the instructions, best is to apply it on dirty hair, so maybe dye it like 3 days after washing your hair. and try lots of colour protective products like Tresemme’s or John Friedas.

      If that doesnt work, try and slightly bleach your hair to damage it a bit – sometimes colour takes better when the hair is a bit damaged (but then make sure that you look after your hair a lot more after that)

      hope this helps xxx

  2. Emily

    What was your hair colour prior to using this dye? Did you have to prelighten it or anything? I’m a natural redhead that has been experimenting with a few ginger hair dyes to brighten up my hair colour, and none seem to really do much for me, but the colour of your hair in that picture is just perfect!

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      heyyy i was quite medium dark and grey when i started dying my hair in this colour, but it doesnt have a specific colour-lifting agent. try it and if it doesnt work, let it fade, lift the colour with mellow bleach and then do it again? xxx

      1. Emily

        Ok thank you, I will do! I think last time I dyed my hair (I used to use to Mango Intense Copper) I only used one box and I have relatively thick hair, so maybe I’ll use two boxes and then hopefully I’ll be rocking the gorgeous colour you have! :) x

        1. Miss drifted Snow White

          oh yes if you have thicker and/or longer hair you will need more than 1 box to kick you off. obvs ive had this and the mango intense copper colours for over a year and a half now so i dont need to use 2 boxes, i only use one for redoing my roots and boosting the rest of the hair a bit.

          let me know how you get on :) ♥

  3. becca

    Do you find this fades quicker towards your ends? Got my hair this colour and loooove it but sick of having to redye every 2 weeks because its bright ginger on top but a dullish reddish brown on the ends :( Beccah x

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      yeah actually it does! :( but then i think for me its got to do with the fact that i bleached my hair blond 2 years ago with even lighter / ombre’d tips and that now makes up the tips to about midway up. but then i guess its just standard? :( how do you care for your hair? try avoiding ‘clarifying’ shampoos, they strip the colour.


        Dette har jeg også tenkt på før men glemt igjen, og nå skal det gjøres!For jeg har masse sengetøy som ikke brukes siden vi har alle gått over til 220 dyner.Gleder meg til å sette i gang!Dumt spørsmål men , sydde du sammen remsene, eller hva gjorde du?KLem Linn

  4. Crescent

    I’m naturally a very dark brown. Had some bleach highlights put through to go red. But, I really want an all over permanent ginger now. Fed up of having dark hair where every time I dye it only the highlights change. So, is this dye permanent and would I have to lighten all of my hair with bleach/lightener if so can you recommend any?
    Thank-you, C. x

    1. Miss drifted Snow White Post author

      Hi hun, if you have very dark hair, then I think you will have to lighten your hair somehow — I’m naturally dark haired too, but when I originally put this colour on, I was bleach blonde and that’s growing out still. And the new hair thats growing, the roots, are dark grey, so they take the colour as well. And I’ve been with this hair colour for about 2 years as well, so I think the colour is REALLY deep in my hair follicles and whatnot. So I think it’s a combination of these three facts really. I know my friend has the same hair colour and though she’s medium blonde, for some reason the colour doesn’t seem as vibrant on her as it is on me. So, yeah my guess is that you’ll have to lighten your hair. Try a low percentage peroxide first, leave that for 4 weeks before you dye your hair this colour, because your hair will need some rest after bleaching (I recommend soaking your hair in any vegetable oil overnight after bleaching!) if that’s not bright enough, repeat, etc..

      Sorry I cant be of more help xx

  5. Mel Ad

    I have been dying my hair Paprika for about a year and a half now. I love the colour but I’m keen to try and go platinum. I’m naturally a very dark blonde / light brown. Can anyone give any tips on where I should start? I’ve used Colour B4 in the past to remove the colour and then dye but not sure what the intense orange will do?

  6. Janay

    Hi I just wanna say I love your hair! I wanna do my hair like this so bad but at the moment my hair is blue Nd don’t want to have to bleach my hair again;c bleaching it for the blue was bad enough is there anything that could help gets majority of the blue without bleach ?

  7. Chelsea

    Hey, did you wet your hair before you applied this? I’m transitioning from Mango Intense Copper too, and I’m not sure whether to wet my hair or not. Thanks!

  8. Allison

    I really want to dye my hair with the Paprika Power dye, but I’m not sure if I need to bleach my hair first. My hair is a dark blonde. Do you believe it would still be vibrant and gorgeous?

  9. irene

    I have dyed my dark blond hair with Paprika Power and it just hasn’t done anything in my hair. The most damaged parts of my hair (ends)got the colour but the other parts don’t. MY hair is now just a terrible mix of dark blond and copper. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  10. Toni

    I’ve used the Intense Mango Copper before and i loved the colour but wanted to go a little brighter. You’ve inspired me to get down to Boots tomorrow and give this a try! Thanks so much!

    Toni xx

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