Review: Illamasqua Spring Summer 2011 Collection ‘Toxic Nature’

I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to Illamasqua’s showcasing of their upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collection called ‘Toxic Nature’ (see promotional pictures here and information on items of collection here).

I am in love with Illamasqua because they’ve made a massive difference in my life and helped me break out of my social norms & ties completely! And that helped in return my bf who is now more comfortable with himself.

So understandably I was super excited to get a first look at the collection for myself and for you guys. I took plenty of pictures too! I didnt manage to take pics of everything, but I got the most important things: SWATCHES!

Cream Pigments Mould, Delirium, Hollow, Emerge, Dab, Bedaub
Cream Pigments Mould, Delirium, Dab
Cream Pigment Hollow
Cream Pigment Bedaub
Lip Sticks Atomic, Flare
Nail Polishes Radium, Purity, Stagnate, Bacterium, Gamma
Sheer Lip Glosses Torture, Divine
Nai Quills
Precision Ink Eye Liner Glisten
Sheer Lip Glosses Torture, Divine
Lip Sticks Flare, Atomic
Nail Polishes Radium, Bacterium, Purity, Stagnate, Gamma

Cream Pigments Hollow, Emerge
Cream Pigments Mould, Dab

So the event started by us being talked through where Alex Box got her inspiration from: She was stuck in another country and couldn’t come back to the UK because of the ash cloud that our favorite European vulcano in Iceland produced in April 2010 (yes, they worked on this collection for almost an entire year!!).

Alex wasn’t just amazed by the power nature has in general but how easy it is for nature to slow us down and intoxicate us. Most flights in Europe or going from/to Europe had to be cancelled, everything was standstill and millions of people were stranded all over the world.

So she created this picture of a toxic nature world, where humanity as we know it is over and those who have survived have mutated featured from the toxics everywhere. The colors are acids and muddy, and only a few pure colors have survived.

So the ‘Toxic Nature’ collection by Illamasqua consists of acid/neon greens and oranges as well as ‘dirty’ colors – muddied purples, browns and greyed pinks. So not a typical Spring/Summer collection compared to standard SS collections that have muted, pastel colors.

Illamasqua is introducing Cream Pigments, which will be replacing Cream Eye Shadows. But these cream pigments are more than just a new formula for eye shadows – you can also use them on lips and cheeks if you are bold enough to do so.

For example the Atomic lip stick, paired with Dab on the middle of the lip as highlight and Mould into the corners for shadow gives a bold, 3D looking lip.

Hollow makes a perfect contouring product and Emerge could be a great blush for summer whereas Delirium could be a perfect winter color blush!

I really love this collection. I might be biased because how much Illamasqua means to me, but they have really taken the topic spring/summer/nature and put a lovely dark twist to it. They’ve gone a completely opposite direction of where normally brands will go and I think this is very brave, especially as a brand that is still so young! The contrast of the crass neon/acid colors against the muddied ones is so dynamic and creative I will definitely buy the Dab and Bedaub cream pigments and the Radium and Purity nail polishes as well as that wicked Atomic lip stick.


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