Review: GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Powders

In Winter times I always find myself reaching for bronzers a lot more often than in Summer times. I just don’t like my face looking pale and washed out (though that’s exactly how I feel at the moment). But a nice subtle glow can’t hurt anyone, right? GOSH kindly sent me 2 of their bronzing shimmer powders to play with and here’s the review!

As you can see in the picture above, the products have 2 different undertones – one more bronzy/brown and the other one more pink-ish, which you can use as blusher as well (that’s what I do).

Both have 9g of product in them at a retail price of £7.99 exclusively sold at Superdrug. Weirdly enough, the 2 products come in two different packaging – I’m not sure if you can tell, but hello lack of consistency! Not so cool.

As you can see both have tons of beautiful glitter on the crinkly surface when new. Though it looks incredibly pretty it’s absolute glitter-massacre when you even ever so lightly try to sweep your brush across the product and then your cheeks. And the glitter particles obviously don’t go just on your cheeks; no they go everywhere! Typical.

But once you’ve treated the products to a great big dust-off the glitter disappears (and goes on to live in your brush forever – or until the next wash) you just get too very pretty sheer bronze or pink shimmer powders. Both can be used as highlighter depending on your skin tone; the pink looks beautiful on fairer skin tones, whereas I can imagine the bronze on looking nice on cheekbones of deeper skintones!!

All in all I think these are really not bad products – they do give a nice shimmery glow and that’s what they are for. I’m not sure if I would pay £7.99 for these – but I guess you also have that novelty of the glittery crinkled surface. MAC constantly does stuff like that and gets away with selling their products for tons more! So if you look to get similar effect products as maybe the MAC Marine Life Highlighter from their To The Beach collection, then go for one of these!

I would give a 15 out of 20. 5 points deducted for different packagings, a tad too much glitter and the high-ish price.

Have you tried GOSH’s bronzing shimmer powders? Do you like them?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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