Review: Fearne Cotton Eye Shimmers

Fearne Cotton is one of the most demanded TV and radio personas of this time. She’s a Radio 1 DJ, she’s on telly hosting cool festivals and she is a fashionista like no other.

And within the past year, she started offering her own line of makeup at Boots here in the UK.

Product Details:
Brand: Fearne Cotton
Type: Eye Shimmer
Size: 0.8g
Price: £5
Available at: Boots (online & in store)
Description: “Fearne Eye Shimmer comes in a range of 6 sparkling colours so there is a shade to suit everyone.

Fearne’s eye shimmers (loose eye shadows) come in clear plastic jars like you would find samples of other loose eye shadows of other brands. It has her name across the clear lid in gold font, which make me think of circus for some reason. The jar itself has a sifter, which I think is great. However, the overall feel of this jar is cheap. It looks like they just bought the little sample jars and put her products in there. Not cool. But at least they included sifters to prevent spilling! 3 out of 5
The eye shimmers come in 6 different shades: Green, turquoise, gold, silver, bronze and peacock. So she covers pretty much the standard color range, but I’m missing vibrant colors like blues and reds and pinks and orange and whatnot! Wayyy too little range of colors for my linking. Especially if you only get 0.8g for £5. You can get MAC samples of the same size for less than that! 2 out of 5

I expect any loose eye shadow to be pigmented. Heck, I expect any eye shadow to be pigmented. But these aren’t. They are shimmery – like the name suggests – but the color pay off is low to average. You should use an eye shadow primer – preferrably in color – and properly pack on the product to get great payoff. Unless you only want a hint of the color – for that case these are brilliant. And they do blend easily! But for me, they aren’t great. 2 out of 5

It’s a shame that these aren’t as great as I expected. I love Fearne – she is so stylish and funny and kicks ass. I kind of expected the same from her makeup. Yes, it looks stylish (sort of, if you ignore the cheap plastic sample jar) and funny with the circus-like brand name, but these products definitely don’t kick ass. But to be honest, I can’t remember seeing Fearn wearing eye shadows anyways. I can only remember her wearing black flicked eye liner. My verdict anyways is that I wouldn’t buy these. Sorry Fearne! 2.5 out of 5

Packaging: 3 out of 5
Product: 2 out of 5
Quality: 2 out of 5
Overall: 2.5 out of 5
Total: 9.5 out of 20

What do you think of her eye shadows? I hope I’m going to like her nail varnishes better :)

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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2 Comments on “Review: Fearne Cotton Eye Shimmers

  1. Shannon

    I have used one of her nail polish sets and to be honest they are MUCH better. I love using them – I have used the midnight manicure set – they are perfect for Autumn/Winter looks and only need 1-2 layers, usually only one.


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