Review • Diego Dalla Palma GoGo Mascara

Review Diego Dalla Palma Mascara GoGo (03)Review Diego Dalla Palma Mascara GoGo (04) Like I said in the Pixi Beauty Lash Line Ink review, I’m incredibly simple (read: lazy) when it comes to makeup. Winged eyeliner and mascara and I’m good to go (plus foundation, blush & highlighter of course – gee, I wouldn’t leave the house without making my skin look at least acceptable! Wouldn’t wanna blind anyone haha). One of the mascaras I’ve been playing around with is the Diego Dalla Palma GoGo Mascara.

An innovative mascara that ensures more volume, more intensity and greater curl for lashes from the very first application. The high performances of the product are obtained thanks to a combination of the formula and a special maxi applicator.

You can see in the pictures below that the mascara does do exactly what it says on the ‘tin’. It gives volume, length and a brilliant curl. I was really, really positively surprised by this, because of course all mascara manufacturers claim that they give volume and length, but the Diego Dalla Palma GoGo Mascara very clearly actually does.

Though I do find that my lashes look a bit spidery, if that makes sense. I would’ve wished the bristles would be able to separate as many individual lashes as possible and then coat them in mascara for an even fuller effect! With the brush being so big it also causes issues with getting into the inner and outer corners of the eyes without getting product everywhere. And it’s way too big to properly work on the lower lashes.

Review Diego Dalla Palma Mascara GoGo (01) Review Diego Dalla Palma Mascara GoGo (02)

My biggest issue however is that the product is quite wet. As you can see, that doesn’t cause any clumping, but it feels weird on the lashes and you feel like you need to keep your eyes open and not blink for a while. Like as if you’d just cried and you’re trying to keep your mascara from giving you panda-eyes. It’s just not a nice feeling. But at the same time, I have to say that the mascara dries quickly, so that weird feeling of wet lashes disappears quickly (which is why I continued to play with it!)

Overall, I don’t think I could recommend this Diego Dalla Palma GoGo Mascara – after all it’s £17 per pop (online or in M&S stores) and there are other mascaras for around that price that are better in my opinion. Definitely wanna try more of this brand though! I do love discovering to me unknown brands :)

Would you give this mascara a go? Would you mind the wet-like feeling?


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