Review: Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

Hi everyone!

Happy 2011!! Can you believe we’re already 3 days into the new year? Boy oh boy!! I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve that I spent with my man and one of my best mates!! And yes, I will show you the makeup I wore for that night out too :-)

But today I’m bringing you a review of an item that I bought just a couple of days ago and am already in love with: the Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hours Felt Tip Liner!

I bought two of those (in purple & teal) and I’m totally in love with them so I had to let you know about them, right?!

What it claims to do

  • fast-drying
  • versatile
  • easy to apply
  • all day long
  • high powered hue 

The liner come in a long, sleek, black felt-tip pen sort of packaging, without any outer packaging. The lid clicks into place so you will know when it’s tightly shut. The downside is that sometimes the product can leak into the lid so it can go on your fingers when you pull the lid off. Unfortunately, as all liners come in a black packaging, you have to store them upside down and the color-indicator is only on the bottom. 2 out of 5

Collection 2000 bring you these liners in 4 different colors: Teal, Purple, Black and Blue. It’d be nice if there was a green or a metal color. They’re easy to get hold of (in the UK at least) at Superdrug and Boots for £2.99 I believe. The tip of the liner is very smooth and soft but stiff at the same time. It does make the liner very versatile. It doesn’t scratch when you apply it and it doesn’t leak (only when stored upside down). 3 out of 5

The claims of what the product does really are true. It dries fairly quickly (in less than 30seconds), it is – as I said – due to its felt tip very versatile (for body art for example and calligraphy as you can get different width of lines) and also easy to apply. As you will be able to see in the video below as well, it really does last all day long (even longer than that!). I’m going to interpret the “high powered hue”-claim that they mean the product is highly pigmented. For those two I tried I can say it’s true. I tried the black one on my arm as well and that came out as very opaque. Just haven’t seen the blue one. One downside of this product is, because it’s liquid in the end it can feather into the lines of your skin which doesn’t look very appealing. 4.5 out of 5

Despite it’s downsides (of lasting too long; of leaking sometimes; of possibly feathering) I absolutely love these liners. They make applying it so easily and come out so opaquely! And if you wear liners every day I don’t think it matters too much there’ll be some residue from the liner, as you will most likely go over it with liner anyways. But that’s just my opinion :-) 4 out of 5

On the far left: teal; 2nd to left: purple

I hope you beautiful people enjoyed this little review and maybe you have some thoughts on this liner? I can imagine some could find it annoying that it’s too long lasting!!

Much love,


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