Review: BodyShop Body Lotion (Strawberry)

I’m still in the process of reviewing the items of the BodyShop Large Holdall (Strawberry) that I bought around Xmas.

Just as a reminder, these reviews I’ve already written:

 I still have the following items to review that came in that holdall:

  • Born Lippy
  • Shower ball
  • Body Butter

Product Details
Brand: The BodyShop
Product: Body Lotion
Scent: Strawberry
Size: 250ml / 8.4 US fl oz
Variations: 8
Description: “Cooling and refreshing, this lightweight non-greasy gel, with fabulously fruity and juicy natural ingredients, absorbs easily to instantly hydrate and moisturise. Suitable for normal skin types.

The body lotion comes in a clear cylindrical bottle with an unscrewable pump on top that can be twisted to the side to close. Like with the other reviewed products from the Large Holdall, I love that the packaging is clear so I can see the color. And again, the flavor/scent is reinforced by the picture on the label which makes it look really nice and “appetizing”. Compared to the Shower Gel and the Body Polish the product isn’t red like strawberries but more like a light, milky, red. I know it’s a lotion and like all lotions are white or slightly colored. I just don’t think it looks great. 3 out of 5

The body lotion comes in 8 variations ranging from standard scents such as strawberry and vanilla to more exotic frangrances (sweet lemon, mango, wild cherry, pink grapefruit, etc). I like that these are available in two sizes & prices: 60ml / 2 US fl oz for £3 or 250ml / 8.4 US fl oz for £8. So basically that gives you a chance to try the product first before you splash out £8. And it makes a great little gift too. 3.5 out of 5

The product is described as “cooling and refreshing” by BodyShop. That is certainly true to some extent. Any lotion unless room temperature will feel slightly cooling on the skin until it’s absorbed due its moist nature. It is lightweight and non-greasy too. There was no residue film left behin and it absorbed quickly into my skin. So the description is true in that aspect. They are clever writing about “fruity and juicy natural ingredients” as that is probably true. They do however neglect to say that it’s not very strongly scented and that the scent smells very much artificial and sickenly sweet, despite supposedly being made from natural ingredients. Definitely disappointing and to some extent even disgusting. 3 out of 5

I wouldn’t buy this product again. Claiming to making it out of natural ingredients but having a scent that clearly smells artifical is a no go for me. I like that it comes with a pump for easy dispensing and that it comes in other variations. I might check out the other scents, but it will take a lot for me to buy this again. Especially for that money. For me there’s little price-value. 2 out of 5

Packaging: 3 out of 5
Product: 3.5 out of 5
Quality: 3 out of 5
Overall: 2 iut of 5
Total: 11.5 out of 20

Have you guys ever used this product? I found some reviews online similar to this – at least regarding the artificial scent.

Much love,


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