Review: BodyShop Body Butter (Strawberry)

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been reviewing each item from the BodyShop Large Holdall that I ordered in strawberry in December.

Reviewed products:

And today I’m bringing you the penultimate review of BodyShop’s Body Butter.

Product Details
Brand: BodyShop
Product Name: Body Butter
Size: 50 – 200ml /
Prize: £5 – £12.50
Variations: 28
Description: “For Normal Skin.An intensive creamy all-over body moisturiser, offering up to 24 hours moisturisation with a sweet berry fragrance. It contains moisturizing strawberry seed oil and Community Trade shea and cocoa butter.

All body butters by BodyShop come in a flat plastic jar, colored accordingly to the scent you bought (in the strawberry case, it’s red). It has a screw-lid with the label on it with some images of the fruits that lend their scent to the product. I hate this packaging. It’s so unhygenic – you have to dig your fingers into the product to get some out and it gets stuck under your nails and you can contaminate the product if you haven’t desinfected your hands first. Obviously you can get around this issue if you desinfect and then use a spatula or something, but that seems like a lot of hassle to me. I do however like that the packaging is in the right color. 1.5 out of 5

The flat jar is almost full to the rim, which I think is great! Mostly you lose like one-fifth. Also, you can choose from 28 scents from standard ones to exotic ones like Passion Fruit, Brazil Nut, Blueberry and Moroccan Rose. How awesome is that! I love that it comes in so many fancy fragrances! You can also buy everything in two sizes – 50ml / 1.7 US oz for £5 or 200ml / 6.7 US oz for £12.50. 5 out of 5

The product smells surprisingly – if you have read the other reviews of this holdall bag – of strawberries! And not the sickenly sweet, artifical version! The product doesn’t actually smell much of anything in the jar but once you got it out and are spreading it on your body – mmmMMMM! Lovely! It feels nice on the skin too! Obviously it being a butter, the consistency is a lot thicker, creamier than the body lotion’s. Unfortunately – and this is a massive downer (besides the packaging) – after over an hour it still hasn’t absorbed into my normal skin! It feels really greasy still on my skin! Yuk! They say it’s for normal skin, but I would say that you should only buy this if you have dry skin. I actually had to wash my hands to get that film off my hands! Urgh 2.5 out of 5

2.5 out of 5

Packaging: 1.5 out of 5
Product: 5 out of 5
Quality: 2.5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Total: 12 out of 20

Have you ever tried this body butter? Im so torn about it! It comes in so many lovely fragances, but I hate this feeling of that greasy film on my skin! Urgh!

Much love,


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    2 Comments on “Review: BodyShop Body Butter (Strawberry)

    1. KeLLsTaR

      I'd love to have a perfume that smells the same but have never found it.I totally agree with your review. I used to use this a lot & put up with the greasiness as the smell is divine. I loved to smell it & others always commented on how good I smelt.One day I got sick of the greasiness & didn't use it anymore.

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