Review: Autograph Raspberry Lipstick

Happy Halloween! Hope you’ll have a fun, spooky day!! I unfortunately won’t because I’ll be working at the press day that the company I’m interning for is holding! It’s going to be a looong day!
Anywho, a few days ago I posted an outfit which you guys seemed to love – but especially the lipstick, so I thought I give you a quick overview of it separately.

Quite recently, as I said in my Top 5 Lipsticks for the Perfect Red Lip, I’ve become a bit of a lipstick fiend. Before, I wouldn’t wear lipstick because of my smoking, but I just don’t seem to care anymore! Hurrah for my wallet being even thinner for spending money on lippies!

So when I went to the launch event of the brand new Marks & Spencer Beauty Department, which focuses on stocking products and brands that combine nature and science, and got introduced to many lovely brands I discovered Autograph. I had always been aware of the brand, but never really played with their products, because, well, to be very honest, I’m not really the target customer for Marks & Spencer.

Review Autography Raspberry Swarovski Lipstick (1)

But I really love this Autograph Raspberry (*) lipstick!! First of all, it’s got bling – not that it’s necessary to have bling on your lippie, but who exactly could say they’d mind it, right? It’s got bling thanks to Swarovski crystals!

The kid in me loves the part that the lipstick doesn’t come out of its lid unless you click it like a biro. Which, if I had the lipstick in my hand, I’d be doing about 0394859034 times. I just love it! What that means is that the lipstick is purse and bag safe. It won’t just pop out of its lid and have a party in your bag. We ALL know lipsticks like to have parties in our bags, don’t we?!

Review Autography Raspberry Swarovski Lipstick (2)Review Autography Raspberry Swarovski Lipstick (3)

The formula itself is super creamy and smooth – really lovely to the lips. And even better it comes out opaque. I hate sheen lipsticks. What’s the point of a sheen lipstick anyways? You want colour but only a little bit so that people can barely tell what colour you’re wearing? I don’t get it.

Outfit I've Been Down And I'm Wondering Why (2)

This one comes out in a lovely slightly darkened fuchsia raspberry. Super gorgeous. I didn’t think it’d suit me but according to all your lovely comments when I posted that outfit, it so did!

The lipstick is available online and in store for £8.50 – and I think for that price, it’s brilliant!

What do you think of this lipstick?
Have you checked out M&S’s Beauty Department?


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20 Comments on “Review: Autograph Raspberry Lipstick

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