Panache x Coppafeel –The Breast Cancer Awareness Bra

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There’s a 1-in-3 chance of getting cancer. No one is safe. Regardless of whether it runs in your family or not, whether you live healthy or not – it can affect everyone. You can’t touch one cigarette in your whole life and still get lung cancer, etc.

1-in-3. 3 of my family members suffered from breast, cervical and ovarian cancer, I know that I’m also at a high risk of getting it from a hereditary point of view.

Famous lingerie brand Panache Lingerie has for this purpose teamed up with CoppaFeel – a charity focused on getting girls and women and men to get familiar with their boobs, to self-check them as often as possible and to recognise early signs of possible breast cancer. Yes, that’s right – 300 men each year are diagnosed with breast cancer!

We all need to help those scientists that try to find That Cure that will rid us all of this life-altering disease. And we need to support those who have managed to survive it and their families and those who have been left behind after losing people to cancer.

So we need to donate. I regularly try to donate my clothes or money to Cancer Research UK. If I can part with my clothes, so can you! Or you could do tests of endurance in aid of charity. I helped organise and participated in a 24 hour walk, which raised a lot of money.

Or we can buy products from companies that automatically donate parts of their intake to these types of charities – such as Panache Lingerie, who donate 10% from every sale of any Pananche sports bra to Coppafeel.

You say ‘only 10%?’ – I say ‘wow, 10%!’ because it’s a lot more than many, many, many other companies give to cancer awareness!!

Why should you buy this bra besides its fabulous pinkness and the 10% sales donate to Coppafeel, who care about us looking after our two gorgeous assets?

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Well first of all, it comes in a HUMONGUS variety of back-sizes! Basically the sizing ranges from 28 to 40 back, from B to H cup! So someone like me who’s 28/30 back but cup size D (I know, it doesn’t look or feel it but I’ve had it measured at Boux Avenue store opening) it is heaven sent!

Even if you don’t do sports, those of you who have massive (=heavy) knockers, you need the right bra to give your back and boobs the support and comfort you need.

And there’s more to this bra besides its amazing range of size options:

  1. wide, padded straps for dispurse pressure on the shoulders for extra comfort
  2. encapsulates breasts for ultimate support
  3. smooth moulded inner cups reduce friction and improve comport
  4. firm underband anchors the bra to the body
  5. underwires are wrapped in silicone and sewn between the fabric layers for comfortable support
  6. super smooth shape with flat seams looks great under sportswear
  7. lightweight microfibre fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and breathable mesh panels help to keep skin cool
  8. adjustable straps for a secure kit
  9. racer-bank option provides more freedom of movement
  10. padded hook and eye for cushion comfort

There are a lot of collaborations for cancer awareness, but this one really makes sense. Coppafeel are all about you getting familiar with your boobies and regularly having a self-grope to make sure your knockers are all ok.

The Panache x Coppafeel sports bra is available online at Very for £35.

We all moan about our boobs at one point or another – whether they’re too saggy, or too big, or heavy, or too small, most of us are unhappy with our boobs.

But having boobs is still better than not having them at all thanks to breast cancer – so make sure you look after your handfuls!!


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  1. Emmy

    Great post! You have shared great information about this sports bra. I love the color and I think it is very comfortable to wear by just looking at its look. I want to grab one of this and try it out.


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