My new hair courtesy to Saks

Hello pumpkins!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I surely did! I witnessed parts of my uni’s campus demolished (that was one of the best experiences in my life! Watch it here, if you are interested).

And for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I got my hair done at the Saks salon in Birmingham as well!

I got to say that I haven’t been to the hair dresser in almost a year and that this visit to Saks was my first at Saks ever and only my 4th or 5th hair salon appointment ever! So I’m considering myself still as hair salon novice so I never know what to expect. I had booked in to get my hair cut (I’ve been letting my hair grow from an elongated bob, so my hair in the back is a lot longer than the rest) and for a full head of highlights, because I wanted a change (I normally dye my hair myself and always all over). I wasn’t sure what colors to go for at the beginning and was also still playing around with the idea of going back to a bob because it really suits me.

So I obviously had to get a patch test done and as I’m rarely in Birmingham the people at Saks (hello Natalie!) kindly agree to let me come in 30minutes before opening to get the patch test done as my appointment was for 9am. When we got there the lovely Natalie was already there and got us (my and my man, who I brought to help me decide on the cut and colors of the highlights as he’s got fantastic taste) some coffee and tea. We looked through the tons of hair cuts magazines which didnt help me make up my mind.

But the lovely Gregg, who took care of me for the rest of my appointment helped me make up my mind, so we went for just cutting the straightening-damaged tips and cut the back of my hair a bit so that I can let it all grow out nicely. He also helped me decide on light blond, medium blond and light brown highlights, which he said would look really natural once they add a toner that lifts my entire hair color a bit as well.

So Gregg got to work with the highlights which took forever because while my hair isn’t very thick, I had TONS of it. That alone took what felt like an hour. And then I got stuck under a heat-radiating thing for another 30min to help my highlights to develop some more.

full head of foil highlights

Gregg then handed me over to Sam who washed & conditioned my hair and then gave me the best head massage ever. I wanted to glide off the hair that’s how relaxed I was. I still get goosebumps hehe. He definitely made me shut up haha. That was like one of my highlights of this appointment. BEST. HEADMASSAGE. EVER.

Then Gregg got cutting and weirdly enough I didn’t panic whatsoever that he’d accidentally cut off too much hair. I trusted him fully, which is unusual as I find my hair to be my best asset so I’m protective. But I wasn’t worried at all.

For the styling we decided to blow it straight and put some curls into the ends of my hair. Of course, my hair being my hair, styling my hair that way wasn’t as easy as Gregg would’ve liked it. But after in total 4 hours, my hair looked fantastic and I walked about 2 inches taller haha.

nice middle parting with 70s flicks :-)


Sam, when he was washing my hair, used Kerastase products used on me. I never had Kerastase used on me (only Wella SP and Paul Mitchell) but I loved it! I love that they have multiple products for dry hair, may that be dry curly hair, or dry thick rebellious hair or dry rebellious hair. You name it, they’ll have it. Whatever they used, I haven’t washed my hair since they washed it but my hair is still as soft and styled as it was when I left the salon. All I did was use some Batiste dry shampoo on it.

I can only recommend Saks in general. The staff was super lovely, funny and seemed really interested in engaging with their customers (there were obviously other customers in the place so I got to observe haha). They answered all my random questions which was so helpful. And after my hair was done, I had a lovely chat with the manager Jason who kindly offered to give me more hair-related information if I would like, so we agreed to chat about the different hair extension methods and the different hair straightening methods which I will be posting here of course!

I can’t wait to go back there!! While they are quite pricey, I think they are definitely worth it. I would consider going to Saks a proper treat. If you wanna do your hair good and wanna pamper yoruself a bit, go to Saks. We all deserve to have amazing hair.

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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