MUA BB Cream Foundation

As I said in my post on Friday, MUA are really really wiggling their way into the UK’s beauty buyers’ hearts by their constant flow of releases of amazing products. Last year the Asian beauty hype of BB creams/foundations finally caught the UK and hasn’t eased off since then with every small and large high-street and high-end cosmetics brand offering their own BB Foundation and that includes MUA who have released their BB cream as part of their MUA Pro range.

Inspired by Asian Beauty Balms, our brand new MUA BB Foundation is a full coverage foundation containing a multi-functional formula that conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone for a perfect complexion. Its great range of shades will adapt to suit all skin tones. Apply with a big dense brush and buff into the skin for the perfect flawless finish. Easily the hottest and best product in your handbag – it’s the perfect size too!

It comes in three shades, light, medium and dark – all new tones developed for the BB Foundation. With its adapting technologies, you’re sure to find a tone to suit you!

MUA Pro BB Foundation in Light (*)

This is the first BB cream/foundation that I’ve ever tried – I have been very resistant in buying into the hype, even though I haven’t really heard anything negative about the BB creams in general. So I didn’t really know what to expect. I think I expected it to be similar to a tinted moisturizer in terms of consistency and coverage, but I was very wrong.

I’ve been trying the light shade of the BB Foundation – even though it turns out to be too light – I’ve been wearing it for the past two days (if it’s too light you can always warm the colour to your skin by using bronzer – at least that’s what I’ve been doing). But it’s a lot thicker and heavier than a tinted moisturizer. I applied it with a stippling brush and that worked quite well in terms of finish, even though the product being so thick I had to work a bit to get it to look even. I was surprised to find how nicely it covered most of my blemishes – I’d say it’s medium coverage, which is obviously a lot more than you would get from a tinted moisturizer. While it doesn’t necessarily conceal all blemishes, it’s a great start and just means using less concealer instead! And surprisingly it also lasted quite well! I had to powder it down (the dewy finish it has doesn’t work with my oily skin), but once it was on, it stayed there as long as most foundations I own do (about 5hrs). I like that it comes in a squeezy tube, it gives a lot of control about how much product is being dispensed, so you don’t waste that much and obviously that’s also a lot more hygienic.

It would be nice if the product was a bit less thick in terms of consistency, and if it had an SPF as well. Also, I don’t think the colour adaptation technology it claims to have works properly. It was definitely too light for me and I waited until I had finished my entire makeup to see whether the colour would change, but it didn’t so I did have to use a bronzer, like I said.

MUA BB Foundation after 5 hours of wear!!

But for £4 a pop (available online and in Superdrug stores), it’s a good product to have in your bag if you have to travel and don’t want to take breakable glass bottled foundations. And for those who wanna give BB creams a go, this is a great first product to try!


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14 Comments on “MUA BB Cream Foundation

  1. Emma

    It looks good, but I really don't know how MUA can say it is a BB cream. For a start it doesn't have a spf, isn't that like one of the biggest things about the Asian BB creams??! And it doesn't have any skin care benefits either. x

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      you're absolutely right! i generally thought of BB creams being more about BLEMISHES and the covering and healing of those whilst also working as primer, foundation and concealer was the point of BB creams..but I don't know – as I said, this was my first BB cream and as such it works nicely as combined primer, foundation and concealer :)♥

  2. RaeRae

    Out of all the Western BBs this looks like a good shout for me and I think I'm going to pick it up. I got a sample of the Garnier one and I was NOT a fan- the 'light' shade is far too dark, no coverage and far far too dewy for me. The 17 one was similarly crap. This looks actually light enough for me AND it has coverage. Shame no SPF though.

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      yeah I'm a bit confused what BB creams meant to be. Like Emma pointed out, I thought the special thing about BBs are the skin-protection like SPF and whatnot!Definitely very light. Alternatively you could try the Colour Couture Cosmetics' BB Cream (will review that one too soon!)♥

  3. bloomzy

    I've been using Asian versions of BB Cream (and also tried Garnier, but wasn't a fan) for a little while now, as I am quite pale and can't usually find a foundation that doesn't make me look like an orange hahaSo I was pleased when I heard that MUA were releasing some.Do you think it would cover red blemishes?

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      cover yes, conceal fully – no. well i guess it depends on how big and red the blemishes are. this bb cream has a good medium, buildable coverage – but it's not like the Asian versions of the BB creams that have all sorts of awesome skin-enhancing skincare and skin protecting attributes :sgive it a go tho, for £4 you cant go wrong really xx♥

  4. Anonymous

    have heard a lot of good things about mua products so will try this.ive heard that 'good things miracle mattifier cream' is good for oily skin, acts as a primer and leaves skin matte.ive not tryed it though.please visit and

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