Jemma Kidd JK I-Conic Eyes Pencil Liners

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Last week I was so incredibly lucky to be invited to a makeup masterclass with Jemma Kidd and her team at her makeup school/studio in London! I was so excited to go, not just because I had never had a chance to use Jemma Kidd products but had heard many MUAs rave about them, but also because I had never been invited to a masterclass! In my head, professional MUAs attend masterclasses, not wannabes like me! But I guess I was wrong, nay, I am GLAD I was wrong!

Anyho, the generous goodie bag I received had 3 of Jemma Kidd’s JK I-Conic Eyes Pencil Liners in supermodel (slightly metallic brown), drama queen (a beautiful shiny green) and screen siren (black) (*). They’re all quite short pencils, so they perfectly fit into handbags and stuff if you want to take them with you for travels, so that’s definitely a plus. It seems though that these are just miniature versions of the pencils that you can buy online! They apply super smoothly and practically just glide onto wherever you apply them (so far I have used them along the upper and lower lash lines, I’m not so much for waterlining these days!). They don’t tug or scratch your lids, which I own other pencils sometimes do (that’s why I often tend to use gel and liquid liners instead).
What’s the most amazing part about these pencil liners is the sharpener that is built into the lid of the pencil itself. If you remove the silver part of the lid, you can find a sharpener underneath it! So you sharpen it by turning the pencil in its lid. SOOOO CLEVER!!!

These babies retail at £8 a pop (at least the full-size pencils), so I think that’s actually a good price – borderlining expensive, but seeing that these have that convenient sharpener right inside of them you will probably use them a lot more because you don’t have to dig for that sharpener or fish for a less used pencil instead. I normally go around my pencil liners and pick the one that’s the sharpest, rather than fishing for the sharpener to sharpen my favourite pencil liner! You do that too, right?


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