Hair Saga: The Brazilian Blowdry

For all my life (or at least since I was pubescent) I’ve been on a journey with my hair, whether that’s the hair colour or hair style & do or hair cut, products and tools I’ve tried, etc. But I never really had tried effective treatments, so when SalonAddict approached me to have a Brazilian Blowdry done at Gravity Salon in London, I jumped at the chance and decided to go on a proper hair journey.

So I got rid off my dip-dye and dyed my hair all over again (still with L’Oreal Feria Mango Intense Copper (review) with the tips resulting to be a lot brighter still) and also accepted the offer my friend Pixie Voltaire who has been very successful as MUA and is branching out into professional hair services to compliment her MUA services, to be her guinea pig for micro-loop extensions, which I will blog about soon too.

A Brazilian Blowdry (also called Keratin Treatment”) is basically a very, very deep treatment for your hair using liquid keratin. Because of what we put our hair through, the individual hair loses keratin bits here and there and becomes unsmooth. So the liquid keratin fills these holes and makes the hair whole again which smoothens and straightens it out and makes it less frizz-prone. I had heard about this treatment, but didn’t know that it was “just” keratin, I thought there’d be other chemicals involved.

Hair Saga Brazilian Blowdry

The process was really simple:
1. Shampoo & cool-blowdry hair
2. Section Hair into 4 areas
3. Apply liquid keratin (Gravity Salon use London Keratin) all over hair till wet
4. Cool-blowdry the liquid keratin into the hair
5. Straighten the hair on a low setting

Of course what with my hair being soooo much of (I really do have A LOT of hair) it still took a good 3.5 hours to do all of this. Especially since the hair needed to be cool-blowdried twice.

What you need for aftercare:
1. Sulphate-free shampoo & conditioners

Aftercare is very simple, you can treat it as normal in terms of styling, but the shampoo & conditioner need to be sulphate-free (which you should be using anyways, seeing that they are less damaging to your hair)

Hair Saga Brazilian Blowdry 2

Normally this Keratin / Brazilian Blowdry treatment costs just around £200 at most salons, with Gravity already offering it under-price at £170. However, if you book through SalonAddict, you can get the treatment for only £79!! Not sure whether you’ll find any other salons doing that! So if you want a Brazilian Blowdry, do go to Gravity – £79!!!

That’s £91 less than the original price!
More than 50% savings right there!

And since it lasts up to 6 months (depending on how responsive your hair is to the treatment and how well you look after your hair!), I think it’s worth spending £79 to save you the effort of having to straighten your hair – never mind the lack of damage!

So far, I’m really happy with the results. I generally only wash my hair once or twice per week and of course I’m now using the Happy Hair Days sulphate-free shampoo (Lodz reviewed it here)

Of course with my roots coming through grey, I’m going to have to be really careful when I dye my roots, because any harsh chemicals such as hair dye can undo the keratin effects.

This experience was absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed chatting to the Gravity salon owner and exploring SalonAddict. Do make sure you check out the website; if you can save up to £51 on a quite expensive treatment like a keratin treatment, think of the savings you could make for other treatments!


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