Haaave You Met Curvy Kate? — Lingerie Review

Curvy Kate, who are a lingerie brand aimed for the bigger ladies, approached me a few weeks ago asking whether I could review one or two underwear sets.

But alas I’m not blessed with big boobs. But my now ex flatmate Abby is! So Curvy Kate gifted the underwear to her and she’s bringing this review to you instead.
Curvy Kate offer exquisitely detailed lingerie in sizes (UK) DD – J cup, back sizes 28 – 40…so built just for ladies with a big bosom!

Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - ONE set (1)Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - TWO set (1)
The Tease Me set (top) and Tempt Me set (bottom) are from the Spring/Summer collection 2012 ‘Showgirl’ (*)

Review: Tease Me bra
Oh my days, ONE is gorgeous! With a fluorescent pink base colour and a beautiful lace and ribbon overlay. A detail I love is there’s not one, but two little bows for extra added prettiness! Have a look at the back of the knickers too! With the bra, I love the slightly thicker straps so even when there pulled tight (for more cleavage :P) they still distribute the weight well on your shoulders.
Also, being a balconette shape, the wiring sits flat and comfortable on my chest – the result is a cracking cleavage!

Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - ONE set (5)
The only downside of the ONE bra is it’s a little bit too small around the back, despite being my usual size (34 DD) which unfortunately makes it tight and a bit unattractive around the armpits.

Review: Tempt Me bra
The TWO bra is a plunge style, sleek in baby pink satin and black lace with a modern design. Sleek satin panties set the bra off, with a mesh back and open loop, for a cheeky little bit of bum cleavage too ;)

Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - TWO set (3)Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - TWO set (7)

Raunchy is definitely the feel of this underwear, BUT it should stay in the bedroom because it is not practical – a simple task like hanging out the washing, and you are under threat of the slip of a nipple! The garment is comfortable, again a little bit smaller than I would have imagined (maybe my boobs have grown!) but makes me feel sexy and sultry, a definite plus.

Review: Tease Me & Tempt Me panties
And finally, the panties. I love that they’re a bigger style brief, and that there is so so much detail gone into them. Also, both sets of knickers come with detachable suspender snaps (or whatever they’re called?) so you can feel practical or playful!

Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - ONE set (3)Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - ONE set (4)Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - TWO set (4)Curvy Kate Lingerie Review - TWO set (8)

I’m a little surprised however, that at a size 16 these too are a bit tight – I’m typically a size 14/16, so either Curvy Kate cut a little bit small, or I’m having a fat week!

Overall, I love them – the underwear is beautifully detailed and I would definitely invest in more sets in the future, just maybe a bit bigger!

So do check out the Curvy Kate website – there you’ll find information where you can buy the underwear and swimwear online (at places such as ASOS, New Look, etc) and in which shops you can test and try their products.

Abby xxx


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7 Comments on “Haaave You Met Curvy Kate? — Lingerie Review

  1. Camille Lingerie

    What a great review of these two gorgeous sets of underwear. The size of a bra can change slightly depending on where you have bought it from. Not every bra is perfect in it's size so watch out girls!


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