GHD Scarlet Collection Deluxe

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (6)
ghd Scarlet  Collection with Classic Gold straighteners & limited edition blow dryer (*)

I live by the attitude that there must be affordable alternatives around to anything that’s said to be brilliant but is expensive. In the past few years we’ve seen many, many companies produce high quality products for really affordable prices – clearly it’s doable.

Most girls would recommend ghds as hair straighteners – apparently including Katy Perry (though I wonder that might just be because of the big cheque ghd wrote her? ;-)) – and I did what I always do when I see a product that everyone recommends but that is just too expensive for my liking: I try all other brands’ hair straighteners and hair dryers first. And so far they always did the same thing – they dried or straightened my hair. That’s what I want, right? But eventually I had to try ghds to see what the fuss is all about, so when I got the offer to try their Scarlet Collection Deluxe set, I couldn’t really say no – and I don’t think anyone would’ve said no in general!

Get dolled up and create some whoopee. And grab Scarlet before you go. In Scarlet’s world, everyday’s a party, so turn up the jazz, kick off your heels and get ready to relive the roaring 20s. Get a wiggle on though, Scarlet’s a flighty little flapper and she won’t be around for long. “Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!” Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Presented in an eye-catching art deco inspired red vanity case, the ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe gift set includes a ghd Gold Classic styler featuring limited edition red plates and accents, 
plus protective plate guard, a ghd travel hair dryer and two sectioning clips – plus a luxury satin heat resistant clutch.

The Scarlet Collection Deluxe set comes in the most beautiful packaging that made me gasp (literally!) multiple times while I was unpacking these goodies! It comes in a very sturdy cardboard box that has a 20s style theme going on (hence the ‘Scarlet’?) with the ghd logo shaped out of silver dots like light-bulbs and a fan-print as well. When you lift the lid, the front side of the cardboard box falls open to the front and reveals an even more beautiful sturdier box covered in red fabric that also has this fan-print all over it – a little vanity case if you want!

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (1) 
Once you open this exquisite looking box, you’ll find a hot red purse inside that is just perfect for a glamorous night out. It’s big enough to hold the essentials you need for a night out – it’s even big enough to actually hold the ghd Gold Classic straighteners with red plates with protective plate guard and 2 sectioning clips! How convenient is that?! The best part is that the clutch bag is heat resistant too! And underneath this gorgeous clutch bag there’s the foldable travel blow drier with a nozzle.

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (3)GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (4)

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (5)

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (9)GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (10)GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (11)GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (14)

GHD Scarlet Collection Travel Set (2)
My thoughts
I really like the look and the feel of the entire ghd Scarlet Deluxe set. It’s beautifully thought out and just sooo exquisite. I love red, I love the 20s – it’s just right up my street. Both the cardboard box it came in and the vanity case are made with so much detail it’s brilliant. They are now housing my other makeup stuff – so definitely multipurpose :) And, OMHG the clutch bag *sigh in awe* It’s just such a beauty. What a genius idea. Just really genius.

At first I thought the ghd Gold Classic straighteners were a little on the small side, but turns out, it’s not – at least not the plates – they are just as big and wide as the ones of the straighteners that I was using until I got these babies. And MY MY do they heat up quickly! I love how the little switch slider glows on and off while it’s heating. And since it’s a bit stiff to push on, you won’t accidentally switch it off – I’ve managed to do that with a few of my straighteners! So frustrating. But even if you did, as I said, these babies heat up in literally no time.

The blow dryer is surprisingly powerful for being a travel style one. It’s only got 700W (compared to the standard dryer that has about 2000W and the salon ones 3000W and up). It has 2 heat settings and a cool-setting as well, which is nice.

And that leads me nicely to the only real downside of this set and that’s got to do with the Classic Gold straighteners itself (which I guess all of them have): you can’t adjust the heat setting and that’s a BIIIIG NO – at least for those with finer, thinner hair. I, myself, have obviously really thick, coarse (read ‘stubborn’) hair, so I always have to whack on styling tools on the highest possible heat setting to be effective. Oh yeah, and that the Scarlet Deluxe set costs £149. BLOODY HELL! But then again, the ghd Gold Classic straighteners already retail at £119 – so another £30 extra get you a good blow dryer, cute sectioning clips, 1 storage box, 1 absolutely gorgeous vanity box and that divine heat resistant clutch bag! So actually not a bad deal if you think about it that way. The set is limited edition, but still available on ghd‘s website.

before (left) & after (right) using the ghd Gold Classic styler

What do you guys think of this gorgeous set? Would you spend £119 on straighteners or £149 on this set with this gorgeous clutch bag, the travel hair dryer and the vanity box?


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6 Comments on “GHD Scarlet Collection Deluxe

  1. Promakeupblog Emma

    They last so well! I have had my GHD's for about 8 years now they are the original design. They have been around the world dropped on concrete and tiled floors and they still work perfectly :)

  2. Ms Bubu

    Katy Perry is endorsing so many products these days!Anyway, the GHD seems good,makes your hair look smooth. It's an ok deal if you have the dryer and accessories with it too.

  3. Daisy

    I just broke my GHDs so I am going to have to invest in some more real soon! I am trying to hold out till summer though. Thanks for he review :)

  4. bloomzy

    I bought a pair of GHDs when they came out and they were £110. They've lasted me nearly 6 years and I can't complain at all. When they die I'll be very sad indeed, but I'll probably just go buy another pair as I feel they're well worth the investment.


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