Get rid off your spots!

We all have these issues that through stress, bad nutrition or hormones we get spots – sometimes severely and sometimes only that one annoying one right in the centre of your forehead or chin or wherever! We all have been through the “oh no, a spot! not right now!!” moment, right? Well I hope … actually I KNOW I’m not the only one with that problem.

I don’t get many spots at all, I only have an issue with large pores and subsequent stubborn blackheads, but I’ve found a product that is said to be the be all and literally end all of spots, which isn’t a typical anti-spots product at all!! I had heard great things about this particular product, but seeing that I don’t have too many spots to test it on, I nagged the lovely Lodz from The Blogging Bloke to test the product on himself for his and your pleasure (or waste of time)…

Read the full review here. Seeing that I didn’t test this product, I think it’d be unfair to just take Lodz’s review and put it here, right? I think for those of you who have issues with spots, Lodz’s input and experience might be really helpful, so do have a read (and follow him on Twitter too!!)

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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