FashionistA Gel Liner 24/7 Style

FashionistA is a relatively young high-street cosmetics brand that is available exclusively at Superdrug. One of their hero products is their Fashion Secret Gel Liners, which come in 13 different shades at only £6 a piece.

The product above is the gel liner in 24/7 Style, which is a beautiful dark green almost black base colour with¬† sparkles in it in various shades of green and I seem to even see blue. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it applies like a dream thanks to the brush that is inside the lid!

FashionistA Fashion Secret Gel Liner in 24/7 Style (*)

How clever is that! You just unscrew the lid and pop off the top of the lid and turn it around so you can plug it into the little hole it just came out off and BOOM! you have a brush on a nicely sized handle! So you can take this with you whether you go without having to worry about bringing a brush and potentially contaminating it having it in your bag. This way the brush is protected when it’s not in use but you can easily transform a day-time look into a night-time look without having to carry 2 things!

I’m really impressed with this liner. Admittedly I didn’t expect much, because my lids are quite oily and so far I haven’t found any gel liners that have lasted forever. Liquid liners – yes, but not gel liners.

But this one really does last impressively long. It’s not 100% smudge or waterproof, but it performs really, really well for me. I’ve been using it every day since I got it at the Lipsy Spring/Summer event in February, so much so that it was featured in my February Favourites after only 2 weeks and will also be part of my March Favourites – it’s just THAT awesome!


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8 Comments on “FashionistA Gel Liner 24/7 Style

  1. liloo

    this is so pretty but i should have never clicked on it.this is almost like a product that you can only get in south america or something :/ liloo/@tsunimee xx


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