Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Highlighter ‘Rose Illumination’

When we think of Elizabeth Arden‘s products, a lot of times we often think of old ladies smelling of lavender and think that only they use Elizabeth Arden‘s products. Am I right, or what? But really, Elizabeth Arden isn’t that brand anymore and their latest limited edition Spring/Summer 2012 collection Rose Aurora (which translates into “rose light”) is all about making your skin look fresh, glowing and healthy for these (hopefully) brighter days ahead.

One of the brand new products from the Rose Aurora collection is the Rose Illumination pure finish highlighter, which I think you should really check out!

Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination Pure Finish Highlighter for £23 (or €30.50) from the Rose Aurora LE SS12 collection (*)

This lightweight, luminescent powder illuminates skin with a universally flattering radiant rose-gold shade, for a soft, shimmery look. This skin beneficial formula is also infused with Zin’cite, green tea, white tea and minerals.

I really really love this Rose Illumination highlighter! From all my highlighters that I have this is by far my favourite one for 2 reasons: The packaging is super cute, because it comes in a gorgeous elegant-looking rose golden compact case (like all the other items from the Rose Aurora collection), which just looks so divine! Sometimes it’s really nice to have an elegant looking product in your collection rather than a cutesy type cluttered packaged product!

And the product itself is even better than its packaging! It is this beautiful rose pink base colour that has the most stunning yellow and rose golden shimmer finish to really give the cheeks (and wherever else you apply it) a proper nice fresh looking healthy skin.

It’s really difficult to actually capture the finish of this product on the skin for a swatch, because it’s just so light and luminous, but I hope the swatches below kind of give you an idea!

pictured with Warm Radiance bronzer from the Rose Aurora collection (*), which I will also review soon”

So maybe it’s time that we move away from that “Elizabeth Arden is only for old ladies” attitude and really open our eyes and minds to their products and we might actually find some really amazing surprises ;-) After all, sometimes the older generations just simply do know better!

The only downside of the Rose Illumination highlighter, as beautiful as it is, is the price tag! Unfortunately at £23 I think the product is really difficult to afford! I was lucky to get it sent for review, but if I was seeing this in the shop I would really struggle with myself to justify spending £23 on a highlighter even though I absolutely love it – but then I only live off about £2,000 for the entire year, so I’m on a very, very tight budget and am extra critical of products that are over £10 a pop. But the product itself is absolutely perfect, inside and out – I can’t fault that.


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7 Comments on “Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Highlighter ‘Rose Illumination’

  1. Sarirah

    This is a lovely product and looks like it swatches nicely. I like that it has a slightly more golden tone to it as opposed to the No7 highlighter that I use which is a lot more white. I'm in the same boat where £23 would be a lot for me to spend on a product like this but perhaps I could spend some of my Boots points on it. :p x

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      yeah i find that loads of highlighters have a silver tone to them like the benefit highbeam (though that one also has a pink-ish tone to it) and stuff. definitely check this one out! it's really beautiful! another great tip is using a white eyeshadow with a golden shimmer finish as highlighter? might be worth a try (havent actually tried this myself haha!)♥

  2. Powdered Almond

    It does look really pretty. Like Sarirah says, a lot of pink highlighters look white/silvery, like Benefit's High Beam which can look a bit frosty so I only really wear it in winter. This is super pretty but a bit pricey. :-) xx

  3. Anonymous

    I'd love to try this product, would it be ok on it's own without a separate blusher?? Does it give enough colour?

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