BEST STYLING TOOL: WAM Revolving Curling Tong

When it comes to hair, mine is a gigantic pain in the butt. It’s not just that I have A LOT of hair and each individual hair is also rather thick, but it also isn’t fully curly but also not straight. Basically, it’s a horribly frizzy wavy mess that takes forever to look nice, so I normally just end up having it in a bun. Snooze-fest much?!

See for yourself (be warned! I’m not being held responsible for resulting eye diseases!):

Of course I don’t want people to think I’m trying to impersonate a crazy professor and also don’t want people to go blind by looking at my hairy mess, but I DO want beautiful curls. Wanna know how I got that hairy mess of mine into this beautifully curly barnet?

Not with serums (I’ve tried them all, low-price to high-end to salon exclusives – you name them, I’ve tried them), not with the best straighteners (GHD ain’t THAT great!) or curling tongs…

No, if I wanna have curls, I either have to throw a lot of mousse into my hair and let it dry naturally, which takes forever, or use my WAM Revolving Curling Tong.

Never heard of WAM? Or Windle & Moodie? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either. Not until I was invited to attend an event at their salon in London where they showcased this tool. Paul Windle and Neil Moodie are award-winning hair stylists and tool makers who have created this ingenious styling tool Revolving Curling Tong that is really just bestest, heaven-sent hair styling tool ever!

Revolving Curling Tong: Create long-lasting soft and tumbling curls. WAM Revolving Iron 25 has a medium sized barrel, which works on all hair lengths and creates root lift on short hairstyles.
The Revolving Iron’s rotating barrel makes styling easy as the barrel does all the work for you. The anodised barrel will also smooth your hair and make your hair look glossy and shiny. The new ceramic heating technology can reach 210°C in seconds, and can be controlled digitally through an LCD display. The Iron is scratch resistant and the barrel contains a heat reactive safety band that turns white when it is hot.

The WAM Revolving Curling Tong comes in 3 different sizes – 31mm, 25mm and 13mm barrel diameter and the heat setting ranges from 180-210 degrees, which you can adjust per single digit. But I have a thing about even numbers and with my hair being so thick, I have it on 210°C at all times. But if 197°C takes your fancy, you can have it! Awesome!

Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 02Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 04Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 05Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 06

What is brilliant about this curling tong is gets a bit lost in the product blurb. The barrel itself DOES NOT revolve.. It’s not like the Instyler Rotating Iron where the barrel rotates as soon as you clamp your hair in. No. It’s the clamp itself that can be revolved around the barrel.

And this is the very most ingenious part:

Rather than clipping your tips in and wrapping the hair strand around the curling tong, you clip your hair strand in and then move the clamp around the barrel, which pulls the strand in and wraps the strand around the barrel. Once the entire hair strand is pulled around the barrel, it automatically releases your hair. That means even the very ends of your tips get curled!!


Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 11Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 12Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 13
Super Easy: Clip your hair in, and then use your thumb and index finger to revolve the clamp in whichever direction until your strand is in, keep revolving and BOOM curls!

This also means no more straightening hair before curling it, because this curling tong smoothens the strand automatically when it pulls the hair around the barrel!

Even though the WAM Revolving Curling Tong comes with a £75 price tag, which is super heavy, I can from the bottom of my heart only recommend it. Go, run and buy it!! Seriously, it’s that freaking good!! At least those of you who have difficult, stubborn hair like me – you should definitely consider investing it, because as I said, it’s basically saving you having to straighten your hair before curling it!!

Windle Moodie Rotating Styler 16
In case you’re wondering – this even beats the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler!! Don’t get me wrong, that one is a brilliant curling tong too, but at least for me, I still need to straighten my hair before using it!

My friend Lauren actually asked me if I could give her mine lol and you know what? I wouldn’t part with this for the world!!

So if you have unruly hair like myself and you like that defined curls look, definitely go for the WAM Revolving Curling Tong!!


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16 Comments on “BEST STYLING TOOL: WAM Revolving Curling Tong

  1. Catherine

    Your hair looks fantastic! We certainly share a lot of hair features. I rarely curl mine, but this device looks the nuts. I love your hair colour too, btw :)

    1. Mizz-drifted Snow-Wh

      that curling tong really does make it massively easier – no turning your hands and arms into awkward positions to curl your hair :) even the back side of your head is done quite easily and quickly :)

  2. Lorices

    Wow this is definitely super nice. I also have VERY frizzy hair and I really related well on that ending up on the bun part but I think it's not available here in our country?

  3. EmmaMarie

    I need this curler in my life!!! I HAVE to buy one! My hair is exactly the same as yours before i straighten it! Just noticed you on modelmayhem! I kept looking and thinking.. im sure i;ve seen this girl before then realised i follow your blog! x

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